Europe Geogrids Market may exceed USD 460 million by 2024; according to a new research report.

Rising public sector investments and growing demand for residential construction has led to a booming infrastructure sector which may stimulate Europe geogrids market growth. These products promote design flexibility, reduces maintenance costs and exhibit high tensile & tension-bearing ability which is likely to further stimulate market demand.

These products are geosynthetic materials manufactured from various polymers such as HDPE, polyesters and polypropylene further helping in cost reduction and performance improvement mainly in civil & transport infrastructure projects. They perform several functions such as drainage, separation, protection and filtration which increase their suitability for soil reinforcement applications.

UK geogrids market from railroad applications may witness gains at over 5% by 2024. Ongoing construction of upcoming railway projects coupled with rising railroad bed reinforcement demand owing to damage reduction may further accelerate growth of Europe geogrids market.

Spain geogrids market from soil reinforcement applications may witness gains at over 4% in the predicted timeframe. These products are primarily used in retaining walls, steepened slopes, bridge abutments and embankment mattresses. They also help in prolonged load-bearing and increase soil stability at varying angles which makes them highly ideal for slope reinforcement. Rising economic recovery, increasing foreign investments, employment growth and housing demand are the major factors contributing to resurgence in the infrastructure development.

The manufacture of these products requires the usage of various polymeric raw materials in the form of fibers, resins, bars or granules. Polyester filaments are synthetic polymers consisting of repeating ester units and are commonly used as ingredients in the product manufacturing. Polyester based products provide various advantages such as light weight, elasticity, cost reduction, and long product life which may stimulate industry growth. Polyester based geogrids market demand in Europe is poised to exceed USD 230 million, thereby expected to boost market growth.

Italy geogrids market from road construction applications may exceed USD 25 million up to 2024. Rising product benefits such as improved engineering properties, reinforcement and separation increase their suitability for pavement construction applications, thereby boosting growth of Europe geogrids market.

Russia HDPE based geogrids market demand may register growth close to 3.5% by 2024. It is a versatile thermoplastic polymer derived from petroleum and is used as geogrid ingredient owing to its high orientation, low cost and high chemical & creep resistance. This material is primarily used for manufacturing uniaxial products & finds usage in wall and slope soil reinforcement applications, which may further stimulate Europe geogrids market growth.

Europe geogrids market share is moderately fragmented among several participants such as TENAX SPA, Koninklijke Ten Cate B.V, Solmax GSE Inc., Huesker Synthetic GmbH and Tensar international Corporation. Many industry participants prefer to invest in innovative strategies which may result in new product development and acquisitions to enhance their product portfolio further enhancing the overall market growth.