The TCD-alcohol DM market is expected to witness a lucrative growth phase over the forthcoming time period owing to high product usage across numerous application avenues such as surface coating systems, specialty adhesives, automotive, packaging, optoelectronics, fragrance compositions, and many others.

TCD-Alcohol DM has superior economic importance as an essential median for the chemical industry. The dihydric alcohol is multipurpose and of immense industrial interest for various applications, including in acrylic ester adhesives as an essential component that cures in the absence of air, for preparation of sealants and adhesives, tricyclodecane series polyesters and esters; which are used as plasticizers, high-value odorant compositions, ester lubricants, as well as polyester varnishes that are resistant to acid sterilization across the metal coatings industry.

As a constituent of acrylic esters of tricyclic decanols comprising ether groups and acrylic esters or methacrylic esters of tricyclic decanols comprising OH groups.

TCD-alcohol DM is primarily found by chemically reacting the hydroformylation products of dicyclopentadiene, referred as the TCD-aldehydes. The pure form of TCD-alcohol DM is mainly recovered by traditional distillation processes. Remaining amounts of the rhodium utilized in the hydroformylation stage are attained in the distillation residue and are further recovered by known processes.

At present prominent market players are focusing on the expanding their existing product offerings to meet the growing market demand. Citing an instance, in July 2019, Oxea GmbH, a leading chemical company, reportedly decided to expand TCD (Tricyclodecanedimethanol) alcohol’s production capacities in order to meet the industry demand. After a successful initial feasibility study, the B of D approved the volume surge investment for TCD alcohol in Germany. Since the basic engineering is about to get started, the firm is expecting additional capacity to be accessible by the Q2 of 2021.

The TCD alcohol DM market is bifurcated in terms of application and regional landscape.

From a regional frame of reference, Middle East & Africa will be accounting for lower share of the overall TCD alcohol DM market. However, the Middle East & Africa will still serve immense growth opportunities in the global TCD Alcohol DM market. TCD alcohol DM suppliers are required to balance the opportunities against the related risks from possible other substitutes products, legal conditions, and potential political instabilities.

Furthermore, the present COVID-19 crisis has created future opportunities for the packaging industry as their will be more stringent international and national packaging regulations, further improving the TCD alcohol DM demand across the region.