The lactate salt market is anticipated to foresee immense growth due to high product demand across several application avenues such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and food among many others. Lactate acid is known as any type of organic salt that has lactate as the cation.

Lactic acid is known as one of the most widely occurring acids in nature. The substance, along with acetic acid is one of the most extensively employed as preservative in the food and beverages sector.

The lactate salt market is segmented in terms of product, application, and regional landscape.

In terms of product, the overall lactate salt market is categorized into potassium lactate, magnesium lactate, calcium lactate, sodium lactate, and others. Among these, the others segment, which includes substances like calcium lactate blends, sodium lactate blends, and zinc lactate among others, will witness around 7% CAGR over the forecast time period. Increasing demand for zinc lactate can be attributed to its rising use in numerous pharmaceutical formulations as an important source of zinc for normal body function.

Zinc lactate is known as lactic acid zinc salt, which is usually a white crystalline or granular powder that is highly soluble in hot water. This product is largely used in medical raw materials and as a food additive. Moreover, the product zinc lactate also has an anti-microbial action and it is highly effective in the treatment of tartar and gingivitis.

Due to its ability to inhibit or reduce the formation of dental plaque and because of its numerous antimicrobial properties, zinc lactate is largely used in dental care products such as mouthwash, chewing gums, toothpaste as well as other oral hygiene products. In fact, as an organic mineral, it is highly preferred over inorganic sources owing to its physiological compatibility, superior bioavailability, as well as nearly neutral taste in comparison to other zinc salts.

In addition, sodium lactate blends such as sodium diacetate is used in many food products. Sodium diacetate is basically a compound of sodium acetate and acetic acid. It is known to be a colorless to yellowish compound, which is syrupy kind of liquid having a slight characteristic odor as well as a saline taste.

This particular blend is often known to a safe and effective preservative mostly for processed meat products. This blend usually overpowers the growth of pathogens, while extending the shelf life of the product.

From a regional frame of reference, Europe held around 25% share in lactate salts market as various product manufacturers are focusing on specific customer products, like men’s grooming, haircare, and skin-care products, which will drive the growth of the cosmetics market.

Over the coming years, these growing number of products will need innovative packaging solutions, specifically tailored for young customers.