The potato protein market will observe substantial growth over 2021-2027 owing to the rising disposable income, increasing consumer shift towards confectionary snacks and growing consumer inclination towards vegan diet. Nowadays, a greater number of people are rapidly shifting towards a plant-based diet since it is environmentally sustainable and is considered more healthful in comparison to a diet heavy in diary and meat.

Potato protein is basically a plant-based protein, being produced together with the starch from potatoes having more amount of starch. These are usually found in the form of powder and have a high protein content of around 78%. Amnio acids that are present in potato protein perform important functions in the human body, for example lowering blood pressure and supporting metabolism.

Potato protein powder is thus known to have numerous functional properties, absorbing fat, being able to dissolve in water and having foaming abilities to add on air bubbles in baked items. Apart from that, it also has superior gelling, foaming, and emulsifying properties. These have proven to be able to substitute exclusive animal proteins such as egg yolk, egg white, caseinate, gelatin, and whey protein isolate.

The ingredient can be used in numerous confectionery items like egg-free dressings, ice creams and toppings, meat and meat analogues, and non-dairy cheese. Using potato protein, exceptional gluten-free bakery goods could easily be achieved. It is also used as a replacement for chickpea/garbanzo water or aquafaba for vegan macarons or meringues.

The global potato protein market is bifurcated into various segments in terms of type, application, and regional landscape.

In terms of application, the overall potato protein market is divided into feed and food & beverage. The food & beverages segment is classified into functional foods, processed foods, bakery, confectionary, dairy-free, meat analogue, and others. Growing consumer inclination towards vegan diet will raise the demand for meat analogue segment, boosting the overall potato protein market size through 2027.

Confectionary application segment will witness strong demand owing to the rising disposable income and increasing consumer shift towards snacks. Meanwhile, the potato protein market share from functional food application is likely to witness the fastest growth by the end of 2027. The revenue share from other applications will witness a healthy growth over the same timeframe as well.

From a regional frame of reference, LATAM potato protein market is estimated to achieve substantial growth over 2021-2027. Meanwhile, potato protein market in Middle East & Africa will also witness robust expansion over the coming time years.