The global grape seed extracts market is likely to witness momentous growth through the forthcoming time period owing increasing demand for functional food and beverages, numerous health-based benefits, and high product usage across various application avenues including food & beverages, cosmetics & personal care, and dietary supplement among others.

Grape seed extract is known as a dietary supplement which is generally made by removing, then drying, and finally pulverizing the bitter-tasting grape seeds. Grapes as well as grape seed extracts have a very long history of medicinal and culinary use. In fact, there were reports that ancient Egyptians as well as Europeans utilized grape seeds and grapes as well.

These are known to be very rich in antioxidants, which includes OPCs (oligomeric proanthocyanidin complexes), flavonoids, anthocyanins, and phenolic acids. Grape seed extracts have further been linked to an extensive range of possible health benefits.

These include the treatment of health conditions such as nerve damage, poor circulation, macular degeneration, atherosclerosis, and high cholesterol. While it is noted that the grape seed extract is usually well tolerated when taken in tolerable amounts.

The global grape seed extracts market is segmented in terms of form, application, and regional landscape.

In terms of application, the overall grape seed extracts market is categorized into pharmaceutical, dietary supplement, cosmetics & personal care, food & beverage, and others. Among these, the pharmaceutical segment is likely to witness a respectable CAGR of over 6.5% through the forecast time period. A high consumption of antioxidants like proanthocyanidins and flavonoids are linked with a reduced risk of numerous types of cancers.

These extracts are also known to decrease swelling caused by injury and aids with eye disease associated to diabetes. As per an animal study published in 2009, it was discovered that grape seed extracts might aid in the delaying of development of Alzheimer’s disease. In addition, the grape seed extracts are also known to be beneficial for several cardiovascular conditions.

The other application segment includes animal feed, water treatment among others and currently holds a share of over 2% in the overall market.

From a regional frame of reference, the LATAM region currently has a share of over 6.5% in the overall market and will continue to foresee similar growth trends over the coming years.

Meanwhile, the grape seed extracts market in Middle East & Africa is projected to witness a 6% CAGR over the forecast time period. Increasing demand for functional food and beverages in the region will foster the overall product demand.