The data center server market is poised to grow at a strong rate over the coming time period due to the expanding cloud computing industry and manufacturing sector, rising adoption of rack servers, and increasing number of SMEs. A data center server is essentially a computer without peripherals such as keyboards and monitors, it is basically used for tis computing power.

A server runs entirely as a saving location and is linked to a network to make the data reachable to other computers. In case of an internet server, the device is generally connected to the web, so that the computer having a web connection can access the information in the files that are stored in the server. Servers store as well as process data the same way a computer does and are connected to the internet through a wireless or wired connection.

A data center is made up of various data servers kept in the same complex. Just like computers, the servers need certain environmental conditions, like network connections for accessing the Internet and moderate levels of humidity and heat.

The data center server market is segmented in terms of type, data center size, application, and regional landscape.

With respect to type, the data center server market is categorized into micro servers, blade servers, tower servers, and rack servers. Among these, rack servers segment will witness robust growth since these servers can be easily expanded with additional memory, storage, as well as processors. High scalability offered by these rack servers would likely impel their industry demand.

These types of servers are mostly used in industrial, military as well as commercial applications and programs owing to their high upgradability, scalability, expandability as well as their ability to support computer-intensive software. In comparison to other servers, cooling a rack server is easy. These are generally equipped with internal fans and keeping them in a rack surges the airflow.

Based on data center size, the market is classified into large data centers, medium data centers, and small data centers. Rise in the number of SMEs over the recent years will boost the demand for data center servers in small data centers. These data centers cater to the limited storage and networking requirements of small businesses.

In terms of application, the overall data center server market is bifurcated into manufacturing, IT & telecom, healthcare, government, energy, BFSI, and others. The manufacturing segment will witness substantial growth over the coming years. The developing manufacturing sector adopting technologies such as AI & IoT will fuel the data center server market growth. Increasing data traffic will further boost the demand for robust IT infrastructure.

From a regional frame of reference, with the expanding data center industry in the region and with numerous technology providers establishing data centers in the region, the North America data center server market is expected to witness remunerative business growth.