The microcontroller market is expected to witness a lucrative rate of growth over the forthcoming time period owing rising demand for temperature monitoring devices such as thermal scanners, digital thermometers, and high product adoption across application avenues such as automotive, industrial, aerospace & defense, consumer electronics among others.

A microcontroller is an integrated circuit device that is used to control other portions of an electronic system, usually through a MPU (microprocessor unit), memory, as well as some peripherals. It is small microcomputer on a chip.

Also known as microcontroller unit or an embedded controller, these are usually found in home appliances, medical devices, vending machines, mobile radio transceivers, robots, office machines, vehicles and many more devices. Microcontrollers are basically very simple miniature PCs designed for controlling small features of a larger element, without having a complex front-end OS (operating system).

Microcontrollers are often dedicated to one task and run one definite program. The program is stored in ROM and mostly does not change. These are largely designed to be easily functional without the need of adding extra computing components as they are designed with adequate onboard memory along with providing pins for general I/O operations, so these can straight away interface with sensors as well as other components.

The microcontroller market is bifurcated in terms of product, application, and regional landscape.

In terms of application, the microcontroller market is categorized into aerospace & defense, healthcare, industrial, consumer electronics, automotive, and others. Among these, healthcare application segment will witness market growth of over 5% by the end of the analysis timeframe. This anticipated growth is ascribed to the recent outbreak of COVID-19 and rising demand for temperature monitoring devices such as thermal scanners, digital thermometers among others which are integrated with microcontrollers.

In hospitals, the body temperature of patient needs to be monitored constantly, which is generally done by physicians or other medical staff. They observe the body temperature of the patients continuously while maintaining a record of it. The use of microcontroller 8051 in medical applications made groundbreaking changes in the medical domain. In fact, microcontroller is utilized as a central processing unit for the devices used for monitoring the patient’s body temperature.

From a regional frame of reference, in 2020, Latin America recorded a market share of around 6.5% and is likely to follow similar growth trend over the coming years. The regional market is likely to be driven with the increasing adoption of robotics and automation in regional manufacturing and process industries.