The video on demand market is expected to record a significant growth rate over the coming years owing to the increasing use of digital media and high-speed data plans. Video on demand is a system that allows users to select and watch video content of their choice on their computers or TVs.

It is considered one of the active features provided by the Internet Protocol TV. Video on demand gives users a list of available videos to select. The selected video data is transmitted through RTSP (Real-Time Streaming Protocol).

This technology offers a wide range of video programs to the consumers, which also includes feature films, daily entertainment shows, educational programs, and sports. The technology is also generally used for videoconferencing. The advertising video on demand, transactional video on demand, and subscription video on demand are the distinct strategies for monetizing the growing viewership.

(VoD) Video-on-demand market is segmented in terms of type, revenue model, application, and regional landscape.

With respect to type, the video-on-demand market is bifurcated into IPTV, Pay-TV VoD, and OTT. Among these, the OTT video on demand helps users to play a video at any point of time while programmed-time streaming establishes a channel on a scheduled basis. It further includes satellite services and cables. In addition, the OTT providers also have their own app or website like Apple TV, Roku, iOS mobile app, Android TV so as to provide access to their OTT content.

Based on revenue model, the video-on-demand market is classified int hybrid, transactional, subscription, and advertisement. Transactional based revenue model is gaining traction due to its pay on specific video feature. This caters to the specific demand of end-user. The examples of transactional video on demand include TV watched through the Internet after buying them or paying for each movie.

In terms of application, the overall video-on-demand market is categorized into health & fitness, education & training, media & entertainment, and others. The educational institutions and business organizations are witnessing a noteworthy growth of VoD market for delivering presentations, promoting e-learning initiatives, and seminars.

From a regional frame of reference, APAC region provides potential growth opportunities led by a boom in VoD apps, the availability of high-speed internet plans, rising use of digital media between organizations since conventional broadcasters are shifting their services online, and growing awareness regarding business productivity. Latin America VoD market is growing due to rapid adoption of OTT video on demand content.