The global polybutene-1 market is set to register tremendous gains over the forthcoming time period as demand for the product keeps increasing across a plethora of industries where the material is used in substantial amounts. Polybutene-1 (PB-1) resins are used in a number of consumer applications such as , hot melt adhesives, easy-open packaging, polyolefin modification, film modification, pipe & fittings, and hot water tanks.

The material boast of numerous beneficial properties such as light weight and excellent performance characteristics, like outstanding flexibility, and creep resistance over a wide range of temperatures, considerable heat fusion properties, and low noise transmission.

PB-1 is often used as a form of pure resin at expense of rubber, metal, and other Engineering Polymers. The material is also utilized synergistically as a kind of blend component to enhance as well as differentiate other polyolefinsa?? properties.

Apart from its superior thermal as well as mechanical properties, PB-1 also offers a high level of overall resistance to chemical-based attack while also meeting an overall level of resistance to flammability, which helps it meet the demands of a majority of applications.

The overall polybutene-1 market landscape is categorized into segments based upon production technology, application, and regional landscape.

The production technology segment is further divided into extrusion grade, Injection molding grade, and blow molding grade. Among these, the Extrusion grade segment had a volume share of over 55% in 2019. Growing piping demand from Asia Pacific is expected to drive the demand for extrusion grade PB-1 over the coming years.

Based on application, the market is divided into plumbing system, packaging system, hot melt adhesives, and others. Among these, the hot melt adhesives segment is forecast to witness a remunerative growth phase through the analysis timeframe. Rising demand of hot melt adhesives from various end use industries is expected to drive the industry growth through projected time period. In fact, the segment is expected to witness an impressive CAGR of more than 2.1% through the forecast study timeframe.

From a geographical reference frame, the Middle East & Africa polybutene-1 market is projected to register remunerative gains over the forthcoming years. The region has a share of over 4% in the overall market landscape. The regional business scape is anticipated to further bring in considerable growth opportunities for the industry through it rapidly, and strongly expanding construction industry. in fact, the regiona??s construction sector is expected to lead demand for plybutene-1 in the region over the analysis timeframe.