Pectin Market is expected to exceed USD 1.8 billion till 2026. Increasing demand for plant-based ingredients owing to their immense health benefits will augment the industry expansion.
Some major findings of the pectin market report include:
- The demand for pectin market is increasing across the globe due to changing dietary patterns and consumer preference for rich fibrous food which aids in digestive health

- The product is widely used as an ingredient in cosmetics and personal care products for skin treatment and digestive system disorders

- Stringent regulations and strict labelling demand in the non-standardized food products will drive the global pectin market.

- Some of the key players in the industry are CP Kelco U.S., Inc., Cargill, TIC Gums, Inc., Dupont, Herbstreith & Fox, Krishna Pectins Pvt Ltd, AEP Colloids,

- New product development, company collaborations, capacity additions and expansion of existing manufacturing facilities are few strategies adopted by the manufacturers .

Promulgating demand for organic and clean label processed foods due to arising health concerns will spur overall market growth. Consumers have also started keeping note of dietary recommendations owing to rapid shift towards preventative healthcare and lifestyle. Rising incidence of gastrointestinal diseases owing to unhealthy diet and surging personal care spending will prompt the demand for dietary fibers. Pectin products are better suited for nutritional needs since it provides multiple benefits such as proper bowel health and controlled blood sugar levels.
Increasing penetration in confectionery fillings and sweet and as stabilizer in milk drinks and fruit juices will supplement the market growth. Pectin reduces syneresis in jams and marmalades and enhances the gel strength of low-calorie jams. Product provides a jelly structure and flavor release to confectionary products and stabilize protein drinks which improves mouth feel and palatability.
Apple pomace has gained significant demand as one of key source in production. Apple peel, the major waste in preserve manufacturing contains nearly 1.3% pectin. The extract yields high pectin levels when compared to citrus peels and sugar beet. Also, better gelling properties makes it a key raw material in food and beverage industry.
Growth in the Asia Pacific pectin market is primarily due to changing consumer lifestyle and rising demand for organic consumables. China is one of the biggest producers of pectin and is witnessing flourishing demand for health and wellness products owing to emerging middle class population. Growing adoption of citrus based ingredients amongst cosmetics sector is anticipated to support the regional growth.
Manufacturers in pectin market are in process of improving their distribution network and expanding in regions with easy fruit pectin availability. Manufacturers are focusing on expansion strategies with investments primarily in Asian regions. Further key players are investing in research and development to develop citrus fruit alternatives to cater to widening product demand.