Cheese Powder Market is expected to exceed USD 775 million by 2025. Growing demand for exotic flavors new product innovation across the snack food industry will favor market growth.

Some major findings of the cheese powder market report include:
- Incorporation of dairy flavors and dressings in the bakery and snack industry have created new avenues for cheese powder market expansion

- Proliferation of fast food chains offering cheese-based food should foster overall industry size.

- Convenience, easy storage and transportation of cheese powders has led to a higher market penetration

- Rise in health consciousness has triggered a demand for natural ingredients which will support market growth

- Key market players occupying major cheese powder market share include Aarkay Food Products Ltd., Ace International LLP, WILD Flavors and Specialty Ingredients (ADM), Kanegrade Ltd. and Kerry Inc. among others

- Organic cheese powders will register increased consumption owing to consumer pull towards healthy and chemical-free food products

Shifting trend towards away-from-home snacking food owing to hectic and busy style will proliferate cheese powder market. This processed food invariantly includes flavored snacks or cheese dressings and dips. Among snacks, consumer preference is also tilted towards powdered cheese-based snacks. This is due to its nutritional content and the ability to satiate hunger. This trend is reflected through the recent use of powdered cheeses in snack bars. Thus, availability of savory snack bars is allowing consumers to break away from the traditional consumption of sweet bars.

Among cheese types, exotic flavors will gain prominence in the market. Demand for cheeses such as parmesan and gouda will increase over the forecast period. The U.S.-China trade war plays out to be an important factor which determines segmental growth of cheese types. Due to instable trade conditions, the cheddar stock of the U.S. suppliers has piled up affecting its trade. Hence, powdered cheese manufacturers are expected to switch to other cheese types to avoid losses.

Parmesan, blue and swiss cheeses have an extremely granular texture and can impart a stronger cheese flavor in baking dough. The benefits of texture and flavor should support a stronger growth for these product segments in overall cheese powder market. Provenance of the cheeses holds a higher value from a consumer?s standpoint, which will enhance market penetration for parmesan. Parmesan cheese have a protected designation for its labelling which adds value to the product.

Manufacturers are increasingly focusing on developing customized cheese powders which specifically suit the end use application. Customization involves modulation of the moisture content, salt and mainly fat. The low-fat and high-fat variants in cheese powder will act as a major push-pull factor for the market growth. This will also enable suppliers to attract the health-conscious demo graph, thereby gaining a larger consumer base.