Air Dried Food B2C Market is expected to exceed USD 38 billion and Air Dried Food B2B Market to surpass USD 114 billion by 2026. Advancements in food packaging industry coupled with long shelf life of air dried food are driving the market share.

Some major findings of the lawn & garden equipment market report include:
- The air dried food market is highly fragmented in nature

- Advancements in food packaging industry is boosting the air dried food market popularity

- Industry players are focusing on optimizing their distribution channel and expanding their geographical presence to boost revenue

- Supporting government initiatives for food certification will ensure food safety and provide lucrative opportunity for industry expansion

Escalating global population and rising trend toward a sedentary lifestyle will propel the demand for packaged food meals, which in turn will boost the demand for air dried food products. Additionally, social and economic trends towards preparing meals after a hectic day at work will further increase the consumption of processed air dried foods, which is the prime factor that has increased the demand for breakfast cereals and other packaged meals over the years.

Business to Consumer (B2C) air dried food market will exhibit the faster growth in comparison to Business to Business (B2B) over the study timeframe. This can be credited to rising customer preference to opt for such food items for usage over a long period of time. Moreover, the rising convenience of online retailers, hypermarkets & supermarkets with card facilities and online payment alternatives are expected to further expand the segment size.

Air dried fruits are expected to showcase the highest growth rate of more than 10% in the B2C segment over the projected period. This can be attributed to the rising requirement for such products to preparing bread, cakes and chocolate along with increasing popularity of packed air dried fruits for direct consumption has also grown over the recent years. Air dried vegetables will exhibit considerable growth owing to the ability of these products to preserve their nutritional content and taste over a longer duration.

Flakes in B2B segment accounted for a considerable share of around 20% in 2018 owing to its rising demand for healthy and nutritional diet food, especially during breakfast is proliferating product sales. Chunks/pieces are expected to hold a fair share in the segment owing to the usage of these products for toppings, direct consumption and as an ingredient for several dishes.

Supermarkets & hypermarkets will contribute for more than 50% share over the study period. This can be credited to the availability of a wide variety of air dried food products from several companies at varying price range. Moreover, convenient payment options coupled with the availability of vehicle parking facilities are expected to further boost the segment share.

Europe accounted for over 35% share in the B2C network. This can be credited to the presence of major manufacturers in the region offering a wide range of products based on the consumer requirements. Moreover, increasing focus on improving lifestyle coupled with proliferating consumer spending will further expand the regional share.

The air dried food market is highly fragmented with presence of few major and mid-scale companies along with large number of small companies in the market. Industry players are focusing on expanding their geographical presence for improving their brand image along with enhancing their business share. For instance, in 2019, Dehydrates Inc has started the distribution of lemon and orange peel products across the North America.