The Europe vacuum insulated market is expected to grow considerably by 2028 owing to rising demand for natural gas across the region. In addition, flourishing chemical, healthcare, and food & processing industries across key regions are likely to fuel market growth over the forecast period.

Continuous advancements in containment technology to enhance the design of vacuum insulated pipes have enabled innovative approaches for constructing the transfer piping for cryogenic liquids, including LNG, underground, above the ground, and even sub-sea. The growing LNG market has prompted suppliers to adopt efficient and robust transfer piping systems, which has augmented industry uptake over the years.

The Europe vacuum insulated pipe market has been segmented based on application, product, and country.

With respect to application, the market has further been classified into healthcare, cryogenic, electronic manufacturing & testing, food & beverage, aerospace, and others.

The food & beverage sub-segment is estimated to showcase solid growth to reach a notable valuation by 2028, owing to the surging demand for processed food across Europe.

The Europe vacuum insulated pipe market from the electronic manufacturing & testing sub-segment is anticipated to expand at a steady pace through the forecast period due to that rising adoption of consumer electronics in the region.

In terms of country, the Europe vacuum insulated pipe market spans the geographies of Netherlands, UK, Norway, Germany, Russia, Italy, Poland, France, and Spain.

The UK vacuum insulated pipe market is poised to gain considerable traction over the study timeline. Ongoing efforts of the government to replace fossil fuels, such as coal, with cleaner fuels, like natural gas, in accordance with stringent emission regulations, are likely to boost regional market expansion through 2022-2028.

The Germany vacuum insulated pipe market is projected to witness optimistic growth over the review timeframe on account of the paradigm shift from coal towards natural gas to generate power in the country.

The Spain vacuum insulated pipe market is set to progress at a substantial CAGR through the analysis period owing to mounting demand for medical facilities in the country.

The Poland vacuum insulated pipe market is expected to amass significant gains by 2028 due to the ongoing upgradation of the food & beverage industry.

The Russia vacuum insulated pipe market is speculated to develop at a robust growth rate over the stipulated timeline. This growth is attributed to escalating demand for natural gas alongside the flourishing LNG trade in the country.

The Netherlands vacuum insulated pipe market is likely to garner a sizable revenue valuation by the end of 2028. Stringent emission norms and targets imposed by the government in Netherlands would support the penetration of technology, which is slated to boost regional market outlook.