Nitrogen Trifluoride (NF3) Market may exceed USD 2 billion by 2025; according to a new research report.

Growing flat panel display manufacturing industry owing to rising demand for smartphones and tablets is projected to drive nitrogen fluoride over market demand. NF3 is primarily used in chamber cleaning application in manufacturing of flat panel display and expected to witness growth of over 12% during the projected timespan. Growth of flat panel display industry driven by increase in size of smart phones, coupled with decline in prices, high consumer disposable income, as well as technology advancements in manufacturing processes is expected to have positive impact on growing demand for NF3 from the flat panel display industry.

Nitrogen trifluoride with extremely high purity above 99.999% are used in semiconductor, flat panel display, LED and solar PV cell manufacturing industry primarily for cleaning of process chambers. Semiconductor accounted for around 70% the total market share by 2025. Growing semiconductor industry, fab operators demand higher volumes of ultra-pure gases and chemicals to offer premium quality, reliable, consistent, rigorously measured and more sustainable semiconductor manufacturing process, may fuel product demand.

Nitrogen fluoride gas in an integral part of solar PV cell manufacturing industry and expected to witness growth at over 11.5% owing to rising thin film Si technology in the solar industry. Wide range of high purity bulk and specialty gases as well as wet chemicals are used in solar cell processing in etching or texturization, doping, anti-reflective coating deposition, and various cleaning steps which plays vital role in solar cell performance, thereby driving the market growth.

Asia Pacific NF3 market is expected to witness significant growth of over 11% during the projected period owing to strong growth in electronics manufacturing industry primarily in China, Taiwan, South Korea, and Japan. Presence of major semiconductor, flat panel display, LED fabrication facilities have major impact on regional demand. Increasing investment by electronics manufacturing companies in Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia have a positive impact on NF3 demand.

Nitrogen trifluoride market is consolidated with few large market players accounting for significant market share. Linde, Praxair, Air Liquid, and Air Products and Chemicals are among the key industrial participants. Companies are investing heavily in in broadening their product mix with high purity NF3 along with expanding production capacities to cater rising demand from the application industries.