Europe Biogas Market is anticipated to exceed USD 6 Billion by 2025. Increasing number of policies and legislative schemes along with rising focus toward decarbonization of the energy sector will drive the industry growth. The EU Directive 2009/28/EC provides a legislative framework for the utilization of renewable energy sources with an aim to reduce GHG emissions. Furthermore, increase in use and production of biogas to support the renewable energy mix and circular economy will foster industry growth across the region.

Europe anaerobic digestion biogas market in 2018, was worth over USD 2 billion. Favorable support schemes along with introduction of heat tariffs to foster the installation of biogas plants will thrust the industry potential across the region. In 2018, the UK Government restored the higher levels of tariff for Renewable Heat Incentive to produce biogas through AD for residential and commercial applications.

Sweden biogas market will witness a robust growth on account of supportive legislative policies with an aim to create a circular economy across the country. In 2018, the Sweden Government announced the appointment of delegate to stimulate the transition to bio-based resource efficient and circular economy.

Supportive regulatory framework along with rising focus to decarbonize the energy sector will significantly contribute toward expansion of biogas market growth. The European Union has established ambitious goal to build a low carbon economy by 2050 which will shape the regional industry growth. Significant development toward the use of energy crops and municipal & industrial waste as energy source will further enhance the industry growth.

Commercial biogas market will witness strong growth on account of with shifting trends toward clean energy utilization along with rising need to reduce dependency on fossil fuel power generation. Moreover, various policy instruments that include economic exemptions, favorable tax policies and feed-in-tariffs will thrust the development of bio gas plants across the sector. Commercial plants are further supported by public-private partnerships with an objective to achieve internal energy demand.

Sewage sludge biogas market share is predicted to grow over 9% by 2025. Increasing focus toward wastewater recovery and management along with favorable regulatory framework for electricity generation from biogas sources will significantly contribute toward industry expansion. Moreover, the conversion of sludge shall reduce high residual sludge volumes while generating a new source of revenue stream from on-site electricity production will stimulate the technology deployment.

Eminent players operating across the Europe biogas market comprises AB Holding, Weltec Biopower, Scandinavian Biogas Fuels International, Xergi, BDI ?“ Bioenergy International, Gasum, Engie, Viessman, PlanET Biogass Global, Agrinz Technologies, EnviTec and Agraferm Technologies.