COVID-19 has broken open the market for point of care testing of respiratory infections.  Now the competition for market share begins in earnest.  Large new markets are opening up.  In health facilities, clinics, physicians’ offices and elsewhere.  And lets not forget the screening market, not just for COVID, but for the rest of the 20 something respiratory pathogens as well.  Multiplex vs single plex?  Explore the rapidly changing market as competitors jockey for position in new markets that are not yet well understood.

New technology is forever changing the diagnosis of respiratory infections.  Shrinking time to result is opening up markets multiple times the size of current microbiology based practice.  Diagnosis has already moved into the Emergency Room.  It is now moving to the Physician’s Office Lab.  Could the Home be next?

The Multiplex factor is creating market confusion while lowering costs and improving care but important factors are holding back progress.  The widespread nature of respiratory infections, (young people can get 8 colds a year) means that potential market sizes are enormous.  Respiratory, already the largest infectious disease category could multiply in size.  This is a growth opportunity for all diagnostic companies.  Understand the opportunity and the risk with this in depth report.

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