This research study covers the workforce optimization market in the contact center space from a global lens. The study outlines the key elements present in a comprehensive WFO strategy as well as some of the main players in the global workforce optimization market.

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the need for modern contact centers to manage their workforce more effectively due to hybrid work environments and work-from-home policies. Enhancing employee experience through workforce optimization is crucial as it translates to improved customer experience. Organizations are also realizing the need to assist agents in real-time with tools that can empower them to deal with the increasing complexity of customer interactions due to the growing emphasis on providing an omnichannel customer experience.

The workforce optimization market is growing significantly due to the high demand for solutions that will enhance CX as lockdowns have deeply transformed workplace settings and customer journeys. The increasing infusion of AI in core business functions as well as the rising popularity of providing an omnichannel customer experience to customers continues to propel the workforce optimization market forward.

However, possible growth barriers include a lack of product understanding of workforce optimization solutions and their available deployment options. Financial restraints of companies due to the COVID-19 pandemic may also pose a challenge.

Nevertheless, it is observed that organizations that possess a comprehensive WFO strategy are better equipped to improve both employee and customer experience and set themselves apart from their competition. In addition, deploying cloud-based WFO solutions increases the versatility of organizations through enhanced scalability, as organizations can respond to demand fluctuations more effectively. Besides that, reductions in cost represent another advantage for organizations equipped with cloud-based WFO solutions, as organizations can save on huge maintenance and transactional costs that are inevitable in a legacy contact center setting.

As ensuring customer satisfaction continues to be a top priority for organizations more than ever, Frost & Sullivan expects the workforce optimization market to continue to grow in the contact center space as WFO solutions have the ability to improve both EX and CX.