Radical changes in science and technology are helping the human body evolve. Biological augmentations and body enhancements are transforming the human body and bringing about a kind of transhumanism by eliminating diseases, extending life spans, and enhancing human capabilities.
Biological augmentations and body enhancements are classified into three main categories: internal implants, external wearables, and aesthetic augmentations.

Internal implants are medical devices inserted into the body to replace or support damaged or weak biological parts. External wearables are electrically controlled devices incorporated into clothing or worn on the body as accessories to monitor performance and enhance human functions. However, technology is developing so that, in future, these internal implants and external wearables can help human beings develop physical capabilities far superior to what is currently thought possible. Aesthetic augmentation comprises topical medication and cosmetic and self-care products. They are primarily used to augment appearance. Advancements in aesthetic augmentations, which include the use of genome technology and solutions that can track diet, stress levels, etc., will lead to increasingly more hyper-personalized product offerings.

This study explores the technologies and trends that will enable the human body to evolve and examines the changes in diet and exercise habits that will accompany this transformation. It also identifies the growth opportunities these enhancements will bring about for different stakeholders in the transhumanism segment.