The COVID-19 pandemic has revitalized the importance of resilient and future-ready water and wastewater infrastructure. Municipalities and industries across the globe have begun adopting net-zero, decarbonization, and circularity goals to become sustainable, resilient, and future ready. IoT-based solutions have become a vital cog in helping end users achieve their net-zero targets. Utilities and Industries have significantly increased their investments into adopting smart online sensors for real-time monitoring of assets and advanced AI-based data analytics platforms to optimize the system on a real-time basis. The key focus is on reducing energy consumption and improving energy efficiency. End users are further focusing on the circularity of both water and sludge. Nutrient and energy recovery from sludge has received fresh impetus, especially in the APAC region. The EU and NA are set to significantly invest in treating emerging pollutants, while treated wastewater reuse will be the major agenda in APAC, NA, LATAM, and the Middle East. ZLD technologies are resurging due disruptive solutions that now enable recovery and reuse of minerals and salts from the brine. The global water and waste water industry is set to grow by 5.3% to $806.14 billion in 2022.

Research Scope
The study estimates the size of the 2022 global water industry to $806.14 billion. The predictions for the year 2022 are done with 2021 as the base year. The study highlights key market predictions for 2022 for both industrial and municipal segments. The municipal and industrial water market covers the Total Expenditure (TOTEX) of the following across treatment plants and networks: design and engineering, operation and maintenance, water and wastewater technology, process control and management, and chemicals. The study also presents key regional hotspots in every region along with the growth outlook of key technologies for water, wastewater, and sludge treatment.

The key player has presented total municipal and industrial water market expenditure forecast for Asia-Pacific (APAC), North America, Europe, The Middle East and Africa (MEA), and Latin America.  Key market predictions for municipal and industrial segment for each of these regions, along with revenue are presented in the study. The study also encompasses the municipal and industrial technology outlook for various regions along with revenue for the technology employed in water treatment, wastewater treatment, sludge management, and smart water management.

Key Issues Addressed

  • What are the key market predictions for global water industry in 2022?
  • What will the revenue of the global water industry be in 2022? How has it grown since 2021?
  • What are the regional trends and predictions, and what is the region-wise expenditure forecast for municipal and industrial segments?
  • What the key growth opportunities and strategic imperatives of the water industry?
  • What are the key conclusions in the outlook for the global water industry?