Market Synopsis
The horizontal pumping systems (HPS) market is expected to witness substantial market growth during the forecast period. Horizontal pumping systems market is even multistage surface siphoning frameworks that are utilized for liquid dealing with prerequisites in different applications in the oil and gas, mining, and modern sectors. This kind of pumping framework is easy to use and offers various benefits, like high dependability, high stream rate, and low upkeep costs. This type of pumping system is user-friendly and offers several advantages, such as high reliability, high flow rate, and low maintenance costs. A wide scope of the level pumping system is accessible on the lookout, contingent on the pull necessity and stream rates.
The elements driving the growth for horizontal pumping framework are the expanding oil and gas investigation and creation (E&P) and the expanding utilization of level siphoning frameworks in mechanical applications. Level siphoning frameworks are utilized for surface siphoning applications in the oil and gas industry for the development of gases and liquids. These pumpings are utilized in different tasks in upstream, midstream, and downstream exercises in the oil and gas industry, like pipeline promoter, water infusion, CO2 infusion, stream siphoning, unrefined petroleum and gas move, repository pressure upkeep, salt sinkhole draining, and amine course frameworks. The rising improvements in the general oil and gas industry are relied upon to fill dramatically in the coming years, bringing about a flood sought after for level siphoning frameworks in the oil and gas industry.

Market Segmentation
Global Horizontal Pumping Systems (HPS) Market has been classified into Type, End-Use, and Region.
Based on type segment, the global HPS market has been divided into under 100 HP, 100–600 HP, and above 600 HP. In terms of the end-user segment, the global market has been classified into industrial, oil & natural gas, mining, and others.

Regional Analysis
Geographically, the horizontal pumping systems (HPS) market has been classified into five major regions namely North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, the Middle East & Africa, and South America.

North America is expected to contribute to the largest market of the horizontal pumping systems (HPS) market to account for the largest market share during the forecast period. The regional market growth is attributed to the rising per capita energy consumption and E&P of oil and gas.

According to data furnished in the BP Statistical Review of World Energy Report of 2020, in 2019, the oil and natural gas production in North America advanced by 7.3% and 7.4%, respectively, as compared to the last year. Additionally, a rise in the E&P of oil and gas surges the demand for horizontal pumping systems that are used in various applications in the oil & gas industry.

Major Players
The Key Players operating in the Global Horizontal Pumping Systems (HPS) Market include Schlumberger Limited (US), General Electric (US), Halliburton (US), Novomet (Russia), Weatherford International Plc (US), National Oilwell Varco, Inc. (US), Canadian Advanced ESP Inc. (Canada), Borets (US), Submersible Pumps, Inc. (US), and HOSS Pump Systems (US).

COVID 19 Impacts
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