Report Scope
This report is designed to be a helpful business tool to provide a thorough evaluation of the wireless EHR market. The geographical scope is worldwide, with an emphasis on major markets such as the United States. This report identifies products by type, application, end user and specialty.

Within the global wireless EHR market by type, two general areas are identified?wireless EHR devices and wireless EHR software?with appropriate subsegments discussed. These include the following categories.

By type, the segments of this market include -

  • Wireless EHR devices.
  • Blood glucose meters.
  • Multi-parameter patient monitor.
  • BP monitors.
  • Apnea and sleep monitor.
  • Coagulation monitors.
  • Neurological monitoring.
  • Thermometers.
  • Stress monitoring.
  • Pulse oximetry.
  • Pediatric growth trackers.
  • Capnography.
  • Holter monitor.
  • Smart infusion pumps.
  • Peak flow meters.
  • Others: Serotonin biosensors, fetal monitors.
  • Wireless EHR software.
  • Computerized health records.
  • Document and image management (RIS/PACS).
  • Administration (cloud platform).
  • Decision support tools (alerts and guidelines).
  • E-Prescriptions.
  • Billing automation.

By application, the segments of this market include -

  • Clinical.
  • Administration.
  • Radiology.
  • Pharmacy.
  • Lab.
  • Nursing.

By end user, the segments of this market include -

  • Hospitals.
  • Long-term care facilities.
  • Physician offices.
  • Others.

By specialty (indication), the segments of this market include -

  • Cardiology.
  • Orthopedic.
  • Neurology.
  • Oncology.
  • Urology.
  • Pediatrics.
  • Psychiatry.
  • Obstetrics and gynecology.
  • Ophthalmology.
  • General surgery.
  • Others.

The report exclusively includes wireless or mobile technologies with respect to the EHR market. Other allied markets such as the conventional EHR market and electronic medical record (EMR) markets are only covered for overall understanding of the market. However, in-depth market estimates of such markets and stand-alone remote patient monitoring devices are excluded from the scope of the study.

Report Includes

  • 164 data tables and 45 additional tables
  • An overview of the global markets and technologies for wireless electronic health records
  • Estimation of the market size and analyses of market trends, with data from 2018 to 2020, estimates for 2021 and projection of CAGR through 2026
  • Quantification of wireless electronic health records market based on EHR segment, type, medical speciality, EHR software and mobile technologies, application, end-user and region
  • Detailed description of evolution and business impact, key wireless EHR product categories and an overview of clinical trials, investment scenarios and strategic issues of the industry
  • Highlights of the current and future market potential and a detailed analysis of the regulatory framework and reimbursement scenarios
  • Identification of market drivers, restraints and other forces impacting the global market and evaluation of current market size and forecast and technological advancements within the industry
  • Market share analysis of the key companies of the industry and coverage of events like mergers & acquisitions, joint ventures, collaborations or partnerships, and other key market strategies and a relevant patent analysis
  • Company profiles of major players, including Abbott, Dr?gerwerk AG & Co. KGaA, General Electric, Honeywell International Inc., Medtronic, Oracle Corp. and Siemens