Market Overview
Catering Services accommodate food for large-scale meetings, parties, conferences, and other events. These services might also prolong to providing meals for institutions like colleges, schools, and corporate offices. They either have their in-house cooking staff or have contracted third-party experts for sourcing the food.
According to MarkNtel Advisors’ research report, “UAE Catering Service Market Analysis, 2021,” the market is likely to grow at a CAGR of around 6% in the forecast period of 2021-26. The catering service operators are constantly shifting their focus on providing healthier meals prepared from fresh ingredients and reducing the dependence on frozen prepared foods. Furthermore, the rapidly growing emphasis toward adopting various technologies to improve the overall customer experience & lessen the waiting time for food is another critical aspect likely to propel the UAE Catering Service market growth.
Impact of COVID-19
The outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic undoubtedly affected all kinds of industries across the world. However, it had a drastically negative impact on the UAE Catering Service Market in recent years. The market went through delays in the import and disruption in the supply chain of raw materials and other essentials. The hindrance was majorly due to the imposition of national lockdown and strict restrictions on the movement. Further, it led almost all industries to close their doors to eat-in customers for long periods to prevent crowds gathering in consumer foodservice outlets.
However, in the forecast period, the market is likely to recover from the disturbances post the gradual upliftment of strict norms. Multiple leading players are likely to invest in the sector and focus on introducing & expanding online platforms, apps, and home delivery services. These services are likely to bring success to the UAE Catering Service Market in the forecast period.
Market Segmentation
Hospitality Sector Holds the Largest Market Share
Based on the End-User industries, the UAE Catering Service Market segments into Corporate, Education, Healthcare, Defense, Mining & EPC, Sports & Leisure, and Others, where the Hospitality segment is likely to attain the largest market share in the forecast period of 2021-26. It owes to the prevalent trend of hospitality & fine dining as a part of business development to build a good client relationship.
Besides, the rising adoption of contract catering services by several private & public companies is propelling the segment growth exponentially. Moreover, various caterers continue to focus on providing premium table services, live food counters, exotic ingredients, and aesthetic delicacies profoundly. Furthermore, the rapidly changing socio-economic scenario with growing consumer living standards is another crucial aspect driving the segment to grow with the largest share in the forecast years.
Sharjah & Northern Emirates Consumed 2.7 Billion United Arab Emirates Dirhams
Sharjah & Northern Emirates consumed a catering services revenue of approximately 2.7 billion United Arab Emirates dirhams in recent years. It owes prominently to the rapid increase of multinationals in the region, triggering a rise in the demand for specialized catering services. Moreover, suppliers are improving their supply capacities by adopting performance-based metrics for evaluation & performance monitoring. thereby providing further impetus for the market growth, states MarkNtel Advisors in their research report, “UAE Catering Service Market Analysis, 2021.”
Regional Landscape
Abu Dhabi to hold the Largest Market Share
Abu Dhabi is likely to attain the largest market share in the forecast years. It owes prominently to the growing disposable incomes, increasing awareness of health, booming population, rising demand for fresh food in corporate offices, and the burgeoning penetration into the organized sector of the country. Besides, the use of a combination of cutting-edge analytical tools & the expertise of their highly accomplished team in Abu Dhabi is further propelling the market to expand. Furthermore, providing customers with accurate & actionable industry insights enables the country to remain ahead of its competition and hold the largest share in the forecast period.
Market Driver
Undoubtedly the UAE Catering Service Market is expanding exponentially and is likely to continue growing in the forecast years, too. The key market driver is the aviation industry which shall drive reducing the ticket prices & increasing the numbers of passengers touring UAE. Besides, with the hosting of massive events, facilitating several people is likely to enhance the catering service market in the UAE. Furthermore, with the rapid market growth, it shall also build lucrative opportunities in the forecast period with a rising competition as more players shall compete to gain advantages with innovation & technology in the UAE.
Competitive Landscape
According to MarkNtel Advisors, the leading players in the UAE Catering Service Market are Abela and Co., ADNH Compass, Emirates Flight Catering, National Catering Services & Foodstuff, Royal Catering, etc.
Key Questions Answered in the Market Research Report:
1. What are the overall market statistics or market estimates (Market Overview, Market Size- By Value, Forecast Numbers, Market Segmentation, Market Shares) of the UAE Catering Service Market?
2. What is the region-wise industry size, growth drivers, and challenges?
3. What are the key innovations, opportunities, current & future trends, and regulations in the UAE Catering Service Market?
4. Who are the key competitors, their key strengths & weaknesses, and how do they perform in the UAE Catering Service Market based on the competitive benchmarking matrix?
5. What are the key results derived from the market surveys conducted during the UAE Catering Service Market study?
Market Outlook, Segmentation, and Statistics
1. Impact of COVID-19 on UAE Catering Service Market
2. Market Size & Analysis
2.1. By Revenue
3. Market Share & Analysis
3.1. By Type
3.1.1. Contractual
3.1.2. Non-Contractual
3.2. By End-User
3.2.1. Corporate
3.2.2. Education
3.2.3. Healthcare
3.2.4. Defense and Offshore
3.2.5. Mining & EPC
3.2.6. Sports & Leisure
3.2.7. Others
3.3. By Model
3.3.1. Client Pay B2B
3.3.2. Consumer pays/retail
3.3.3. B2C
3.4. By Region
3.4.1. Abu Dhabi Catering Service Market Outlook, 2016-2026F (USD Million)
3.4.2. Dubai Catering Service Market Outlook, 2016-2026F (USD Million)
3.4.3. Sharjah & Northern Emirates Catering Service Market Outlook, 2016-2026F (USD Million)
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7. Global Competition Outlook
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