Market Overview
A Solid-State Drive (SSD) is a storage device with solid-state architecture for storing the data. It uses a flash controller and flash memory chips for storing the data persistently.
According to the MarkNtel Advisors’ research report, "Global Solid Slate Drive Market Analysis, 2021," the market is likely to grow at a CAGR of around 14.9% during 2021-26. The market growth attributes to the rising penetration of advanced cloud computing and snowballing adoption of solid-state drives in data centers.
In addition to this, surging use of the internet, rapidly growing e-commerce market, digitalization, and increasing volume of data transfer is accelerating the market growth. Further, the mounting focus of most market players on increasing the capacity of the solid-state drives (SSDs) proliferates the growth of the Solid-State Drive market across the globe.
Impact of COVID-19
The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic negligibly affected the Global Solid-State Drive Market due to the lockdown imposition and the temporary shutdown of the manufacturing units, causing a steep decline in the production capacity. However, due to the rising Work from Home (WFH) culture, the demand for a high-capacity solid-state drive has significantly increased. Thus, these SSDs will help companies to deliver high-performance output for mega clouds and servers.

Market Segmentation
Serial Advanced Technology Attachment (SATA) Accounted for the Largest Market Share
Based on the Interface, the market segments into Serial Advanced Technology Attachment (SATA), Serial-Attached SCSI (SAS), Peripheral Component Interconnect Express (PCI-E). Among these segments, Serial Advanced Technology Attachment (SATA) acquired the largest share in the Global Solid-State Drive Market in the previous few years owing to the low-cost interface design.
Further, Serial Advanced Technology Attached (SATA) offers benefits, such as transfer through higher signaling rates, shorter cable size, and more efficient transfer at low cost. Thus, the segment contributes to the overall growth of the market, reveals MarkNtel Advisors in their research report, "Global Solid Slate Drive Market Analysis, 2021."
TLC planar Attained the Highest Market Share
Based on the Technology, the market bifurcates into Triple-Level Cell Flash (TLC) 3D, Triple-Level Cell Flash (TLC) Planar, Multi-Level Cell (MLC) 3D, Multi-Level Cell (MLC) Planar, and Single-Level Cell (SLC). Out of these segments, Triple-Level Cell Flash (TLC) Planar dominated the Global Solid-State Drive Market in the previous year owing to its low cost and high storage density. TLC offers the cheapest storage solutions among all other technologies, thereby aiding the demand for the TLC technology.
Regional Landscape
North America Dominated the Market
Geographically, North America held the largest share in the Global Solid State Drive Market in the previous few years and is likely to maintain its leading position over the forecast period due to the rising focus of leading industry players toward developing high-capacity SSDs as an advanced storage solution for various end-users. Further, surging expenditure on the development of the IT infrastructure by big IT companies in the United States will provide a profitable opportunity for the lucrative growth of the market in the region.
Market Driver
Snowballing Penetration of High-End Cloud Computing
With rapid internet penetration and technological advancements, cloud computing is gaining popularity among big organizations and consumers to back up their large amount of data and content. Further, improvisation of solid-state storage with the help of advanced technologies has given rise to Solid State Drives with new interfaces, thereby fueling the market growth.
Competitive Landscape
According to MarkNtel Advisors, the major leading players in the Global Solid Slate Drive Market are Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., Intel Corporation, Western Digital Corporation, Micron Technology, Inc., Toshiba Corporation, Seagate Technology PLC, Microsemi Corporation, SK Hynix, Kingston Technology Corporation, and BiTMICRO Networks, Inc.
Key Questions Answered in the Market Research Report:
1. What are the overall market statistics or estimates (Market Overview, Market Size- by Value, Forecast Numbers, Market Segmentation, and Market Shares) of the Global Solid Slate Drive Market?
2. What is the region-wise industry size, growth drivers, and challenges?
3. What are the key innovations, opportunities, current & future trends, and regulations in the Global Solid Slate Drive Market?
4. Who are the key competitors, their key strengths & weaknesses, and how do they perform in the Global Solid Slate Drive Market based on a competitive benchmarking matrix?
5. What are the key results derived from the market surveys conducted during the Global Solid Slate Drive Market study?
Market Outlook, Segmentation and Statistics
1) Impact of COVID-19 on Global Solid Slate Drive Market
2) Market Size & Analysis
a) By Value
b) By Volume
3) Market Share & Analysis
a) By Type
i) External
ii) Internal
b) By Interface
i) Serial Advanced Technology Attachment (SATA)
ii) Serial-Attached SCSI (SAS)
iii) Peripheral Component Interconnect Express (PCI-E)
c) By Application
i) Database
(1) SQL
(2) No-SQL
ii) Virtualization
(1) Desktops
(2) Servers
iii) High Performance Capacity
(1) Up SSD
(2) Out SSD
iv) Cloud
(1) Fixed
(2) Varied
d) By Storage Capacity
i) Under 120 GB
ii) 121GB-320GB
iii) 321GB-500GB
iv) 501GB-1TB
v) 1.1TB-2TB
vi) Above 2TB
e) By Technology
i) Triple-Level Cell Flash (TLC) 3D
ii) Triple-Level Cell Flash (TLC) Planar
iii) Multi-Level Cell (MLC) 3D
iv) Multi-Level Cell (MLC) Planar
v) Single-Level Cell (SLC)
f) By Form Factor
i) 1.8”/2.5”
ii) 3.5”
iii) M.2
iv) U.2 (SFF 8639)
v) FHHL and HHHL
g) By End User
i) Enterprise
(1) Server Attached
(2) Storage Attached
ii) Client
(1) Desktop PC
(2) Notebook
(3) Tablet
(4) Others
iii) Industrial
iv) Automotive
h) By Region
i) North America
ii) South America
iii) Europe
iv) Middle East & Africa
v) Asia-Pacific
i) By Competitors
i) Competition Characteristics
ii) Market Share & Analysis
iii) Competitive Matrix
4) Global Solid Slate Drive Market Hotspots & Opportunities
5) Global Solid Slate Drive Market Regulations & Policy
6) Key Strategic Imperatives for Success and Growth
7) Global Competition Outlook
a) Competition Matrix
b) Company Profile