The APAC smart baby monitor market is expected to grow from US$ 194.32 million in 2020 to US$ 395.02 million by 2028; it is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 9.3% 2020-2028. The emergence of AI-based smart baby monitors is expected to surge the APAC smart baby monitor market. The smart baby monitoring device manufacturers across APAC region are investing in the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) technology with their offerings. The integration of AI confers various intelligent features to the systems, such as baby cry detection, humidity and temperature measurements, and smart alerts, along with advanced speaker and microphone competencies for recording, singing, or storytelling; it also allows to replay the recordings with high quality. It alerts parents through a wake-up light and night light that help them in changing diapers without startling the baby during the nighttime. Thus, the development of AI-based smart baby monitors is emerging as a key trend in the APAC market, which will drive the APAC smart baby monitor market.
In case of COVID-19, India is the most affected country in APAC. The containment measure undertaken by the governments in this region has negatively affected the electronics sector. China is the leading manufacturing country in this region and is among the worst-hit country along with India, which has ultimately impacted the production of electronics equipment. Moreover, due the interruption in supply chain and logistics, the procurement rate of various electronics equipment including hardware components of smart baby monitor has been quite affected. India, South Korea, Japan, Vietnam, and others have witnessed a sharp decline in new projects. Hence, the ongoing disruptions in supply of raw materials & components and the demand from China & other Asian countries is expected to impact the growth of the smart baby monitor market in coming quarters. The impact of COVID-19 is anticipated to be quite severe in the 1st and 2nd quarter of 2021. Hence, the ongoing COVID-19 crisis and critical situation in the APAC region will negatively impact the APAC smart baby monitor market over the next few quarters.
Based on application, the home/family segment led the APAC smart baby monitor market in 2020. The rising number of working parents and growing awareness regarding the use of products enabled with advanced technologies are boosting the adoption of smart baby monitor across the APAC region. Parents are investing in the installation of both video- and audio-enabled baby monitoring devices connected to their smartphones through apps, to keep an eye on every moment of their babies from any location at any time. These devices also enable parents to hear sounds from their baby’s room when they are indulged in performing some other tasks in home. These smart baby monitors also send real-time notification to parents if they capture the baby movements. The above advantages of smart baby monitor are expected to increase its demand from home and families, thereby driving the growth of the APAC smart baby monitor market.
The overall APAC smart baby monitor market size has been derived using both primary and secondary sources. To begin the research process, exhaustive secondary research has been conducted using internal and external sources to obtain qualitative and quantitative information related to the APAC smart baby monitor market. The process also serves the purpose of obtaining overview and forecast for the APAC smart baby monitor market with respects to all the segments pertaining to the region. Also, multiple primary interviews have been conducted with industry participants and commentators to validate the data, as well as to gain more analytical insights into the topic. The participants who typically take part in such a process include industry experts such as VPs, business development managers, market intelligence managers, and national sales managers along with external consultants such as valuation experts, research analysts, and key opinion leaders specializing in the APAC smart baby monitor market. Angelcare, Babysense (Hisense), Dorel Industries, Motorola Mobility LLC, Owlet Baby Care, PAMPERS?P&G), Philips, Samsung, Snuza, Summer Infant, Vtech, and Withings are among a few players operating in the APAC smart baby monitor market.