Asia-Pacific’s is one of the most agile developing data centre regions in the world. The growing importance of smart technologies, IoT-powered devices, Big Data, Industry 4.0, 5G and cloud computing has led to Data Centers (DC) taking on a more prominent role in businesses in recent times in the region. The factors driving the growth of the APAC data centre market are the implementation of 5G network triggering edge data centre investments, procurement of renewable energy, installation of innovative data centre technology, and artificial intelligence enhancing liquid immersion & direct-to-chip cooling adoption. According to Renub Research, the Asia Pacific Data Centre Market is expected to grow with a double-digit CAGR of 12.91% during 2020-2027.

Data centers industry growth in India over the last few years has been considerable. Due to its fast growing economy, it has a strong potential to become a datacenter hub in the Asia Pacific region. The emergence of a new business environment, such as networking equipment, server and storage have significantly contributed towards collocation and data centre services among large enterprises and small & medium industries in India. The demand for data centers primarily identified from Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI), energy, government & defense, healthcare, manufacturing, IT &telecom and retail are massive.

Besides, country-specific in China, the demand for high-performance computing infrastructure is increasing due to IoT, artificial intelligence, and big data analytics. The adoption of blade type servers in data centres set to grow in the country. The majority of data centres in China have adopted blade servers for the high-density computing environment. The APAC Data centre Industry, as per our research findings, the APAC Datacenter Market is anticipated to reach US$ 59.83 Billion by 2027.

COVID-19 Impact on Datacenter Industry

Additionally, the APAC data centre market share has witnessed outstanding growth since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has expanded the access to internet-related assistance aided by lockdowns and restrictions imposed by government agencies across the region. Colocation service providers saw a strong uptake of data centre spaces by existing customers owing to the growth in demand during the pandemic.

In Japan, the data centre construction deposed no impact due to the pandemic; however, data center operators implemented stringent precautionary regulations for the safety of their employees. Hence, it expected that the market will witness a substantial spike in the announcement of new projects across APAC amidst the pandemic.

Key Players Analysis

The APAC data centre market has a strong presence of companies, including AT&T Inc., Equinix, Cisco, Microsoft and Google. The providers in the regions have conspired to fund millions of dollars in new facility expansion. Because of big data and technology boom tech companies are investing billions of dollars in data center infrastructure management. New trends are beginning to emerge given high data storage demand, fast speeds and power requirement. As per this research study, the Asia Pacific Data Centre Industry was US$ 25.58 Billion in 2020.

Renub Research new report "Asia Pacific Data Centre Market by IT Infrastructure (Networking Equipment, Server, Storage), End Users (Large Enterprises, Small & Medium Industries), Verticals (BFSI, Energy, Government & Defense, Healthcare, Manufacturing, IT &Telecom, Retail, Others), Country (China, India, Japan, Singapore, Australia), Company (AT&T Inc., Equinix, Cisco, Microsoft, Google)" provides a detailed analysis of Datacenter Industry in APAC.

IT Infrastructure – Asia Pacific Data Center Market has been covered from 3 viewpoints:

1. Networking Equipment
2. Server
3. Storage

End Users - Asia Pacific Data Center Market has been covered from 2 viewpoints:

1. Large Enterprises
2. Small & Medium Industries

Country – Asia Pacific Data Center Market has been covered from 5 viewpoints:

1. China
2. India
3. Japan
4. Singapore
5. Australia

Verticals - Asia Pacific Data Center Market has been covered from 8 viewpoints:

2. Energy
3. Government & Defense
4. Healthcare
5. Manufacturing
6. IT &Telecom
7. Retail
8. others

Company Insights:

  • Overview
  • Company Initiatives
  • Sales Analysis

Company Analysis:

1. AT&T Inc.
2. Equinix
3. Cisco
4. Microsoft
5. Google