The GCC dog food market exhibited moderate growth during 2015-2020. It’s refers to the specially formulated food for dogs, which caters to their various nutritional requirements. There has been a significant increase in pet ownership rates in recent years, owing to the increasing number of expatriates and the growing affluence of individuals, along with the rising trend of pet humanization in the GCC region. Individuals are willing to spend money on high-quality dog food products that provide a balanced diet and maintain a healthy weight.

Dog food comprises nutrients, such as proteins, minerals, vitamins and carbohydrates, that help in regulating digestion, boosting the immune system, strengthening bones and muscles, and maintaining a lustrous coat and clean teeth. Other than this, these elements are vital in addressing several recurring health issues in dogs such as urinary tract disorder, itchy skin, and joint and hip stiffness. Apart from this, some of the leading industry players are launching premium-category dog food products that are manufactured by using organic raw materials and natural flavorings to maintain a competitive edge in the market. These products contain better-quality ingredients, which are devoid of pesticides, genetically modified organisms (GMOs), and artificial flavorings and preservatives to provide the right balance of nutrients. The consumption of these formulations assists in minimizing the chances of allergic reactions and skin diseases among pets. As a result, they are increasingly being preferred by pet owners in the GCC region. Furthermore, numerous public spaces in the UAE, such as Dubai Birds and Pet Market, have started allowing the entry of dogs along with their owners. In line with this, hotels in Dubai and Abu Dhabi are also offering assorted treats and special customized menu as well as services for pet. Looking forward, IMARC Group expects the GCC dog food market to grow at a CAGR of around 7% during 2021-2026

Breakup by Product Type:

Dry Food
Wet and Canned Food
Snacks and Treats
Dry dog food represents the most popular product type as it is cost-effective, odorless, portable and easy-to-store. Apart from this, it does not require refrigeration, which eliminates the risk of spoilage.

Breakup by Ingredient:

Animal Derivatives
Plant Derivatives
Cereal Derivatives
Dogs generally rely on animal-based diet to meet their daily nutritional requirements. Animal derivatives provide a balance of essential amino acids and nitrogen while plant-based derivatives are deficient in certain amino acids.

Breakup by Distribution Channel:

Convenience Stores
Supermarkets and Hypermarkets
Online Stores
At present, convenience stores represent the largest distribution channel.

Regional Insights:

Saudi Arabia
On the geographical front, the UAE represents the leading market for dog food, accounting for the majority of the total market share.

Competitive Landscape:

The competitive landscape of the market has been analyzed in the report, along with the detailed profiles of major players operating in the industry.

Key questions answered in this report:

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Which are the major distribution channels in the market?
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What are the various stages in the value chain of the market?
What are the key driving factors and challenges in the market?
What is the structure of the market and who are the key players?
What is the degree of competition in the market?
How is dog food manufactured?
What are the various unit operations involved in a dog food manufacturing plant?
What is the total size of land required for setting up a dog food manufacturing plant?
What are the machinery requirements for setting up a dog food manufacturing plant?
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What are the packaging requirements for dog food?
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