The well known economic theory about the agriculture machinery business is that it is cyclical like agriculture: when agricultural commodities price goes up, the demand for the agricultural machinery tend to rise accordingly. The European Commission has always compared tractors to cars, and both tractors and cars belong to the same administrative unit inside the Commission. As a result, most of the EU’s regulations on tractors have derived from regulations originally designed for the automotive sector. The European agricultural equipment market is one of the highly developed markets. According to Renub Research, the Europe Agriculture Equipment Market will be US$ 75.3 Billion by 2027.

The European Agricultural Machinery Association (CEMA) represents an industry with 7,000 companies spread worldwide, from numerous SMEs to multinationals and 150,000 direct employees. They produce a variety of 450 types of machines with an annual turnover of ?26 billion. This machinery equipment covers any field activity from seeding to harvesting and livestock equipment, helping customers get the most out of their land, protecting the environment while bringing economic benefits. As per our research report, the Agriculture Equipment Market in Europe will grow with a CAGR of 6.08% during 2020-2027.

Besides, government administrations across Europe have provided various supports to the farmers, such as loans, subsidies, and easy installments plans for purchasing better agricultural equipment and other farm machinery. Overall initiatives further encourage the farmers to increase their productivity and cultivation to fulfill the consumers’ growing demand for better food products. The European Agricultural Equipment Industry was US$ 49.8 Billion in 2020.

Germany Agriculture Equipment Industry

The German Association of Agricultural Employers (GLFA), Most of the seasonal immigrant labour has peaked during Germany’s harvest times, fell drastically over the course of time. The shortage of labour has led to the usage of tractors in the county. Factors like superior productivity through mechanization, and labour deficiency, have led to the expansion of the agriculture equipment demand in this region. According to the European Agricultural Machinery Association CEMA, around 177,000 tractors registered across Europe in 2018. Of these registrations, 39,784 tractors be under 50 hp and, consequently, 137,503 above 50 hp.

Recent Developments in European Agricultural Equipment Industry

The world-class technology innovation is at the heart of Europe’s agricultural machinery industry and European agriculture’s global competitiveness. For instance, in April 2021, AGCO Corporation, a global leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of agricultural machinery and precision agriculture technology, announced a strategic collaboration between its AGCO Parts division and Kirkland, IL-based EZ-Drops. The agreement provides AGCO’s RoGator dealers in North America only parts access to Y-Logic, a new dealer-installed premium nutrient delivery system by EZ-Drops for the RoGator Liquid Logic and legacy liquid systems.

March 2021, Kubota Corporation has announced that it has established a new research and development centre in Europe to globalize its research and development organization. Kubota will accelerate agriculture tractor’s local development to increase its presence in European and global agricultural markets.

Renub Research report titled “Europe Agriculture Equipment Market” by Agricultural Tractors Horsepower (>120 hp, 100-120 hp, 80-99 hp, 50-79 hp, <= 49 hp) Harvesting Equipment (Cereal and Root Crop Harvesting Equipment [Self-propelled forage harvesters Root crop harvesters and Combine harvesters] Other Harvesting Equipment [Balers and Other Harvesting Equipment]) Haymaking Equipment (Mounted or Trailed Mowers and Other Haymaking Equipment) Tillage Equipment (Scarifies and cultivators, Harrows (tooth, disc), Ploughs and Other tillage equipment) Seeding, Planting and Fertilizing Equipment (Organic fertilizers spreaders, Mineral fertilizers dispensers and Seeders, planters & Transplanters) by Irrigation and Crop Protection Equipment (Sprayers, mounted or trailed, Portable sprayers, with or without motor, Mechanical irrigation systems and Other crop protection sprayers) Livestock Equipment (Aviculture Machines, Animal food preparation machines and Others breeding equipment) Dairy Equipment Milking Machines Market and Dairy machines and System Market) Garden Machinery (Lawn Mowers Market, Chainsaws Market, Rototillers or Rotovators Market and Forestry Equipment Market) Company Analysis (John Deere, AGCO, CLAAS KGaA, First Tractor Company Limited and Kubota Corporation)” )” provides an all-encompassing analysis of Europe Agriculture Equipment Industry.

Tractors Market by Horsepower have been covered from 5 viewpoints

1. Agricultural tractors > 120 hp
2. Agricultural tractors 100-120 hp
3. Agricultural tractors 80-99 hp
4. Agricultural tractors 50-79 hp
5. Agricultural tractors <= 49 hp

Market of Harvesting Equipment have been covered from 2 viewpoints

1. Cereal and Root Crop Harvesting Equipment have cover 3-Sub segment

1.1 Self-propelled forage harvesters
1.2 Root crop harvesters
1.3 Combine harvesters

2. Other Harvesting Equipment have cover 2-Sub segment

2.1 Balers
2.2 Other Harvesting Equipment

Haymaking Equipment Market have been covered from 2 viewpoints

1. Mounted or Trailed Mowers
2. Other Haymaking Equipment

Tillage Equipment Market have been covered from 4 viewpoints

1. Scarifiers and cultivators
2. Harrows (tooth, disc)
3. Ploughs
4. Other tillage equipment

Seeding, Planting and Fertilizing Equipment Market have been covered 3 viewpoints

1. Organic fertilizers spreaders
2. Mineral fertilizers dispensers
3. Seeders, planters & Transplanters

Irrigation and Crop Protection Equipment Market have been covered 4 viewpoints

1. Sprayers, mounted or trailed
2. Portable sprayers, with or without motor
3. Mechanical irrigation systems
4. Other crop protection sprayers

Livestock Equipment Market have been covered 3 viewpoints

1. Aviculture Machines
2. Animal food preparation machines
3. Others breeding equipment

Dairy Equipment Market have been covered 2 viewpoints

1. Milking Machines Market
2. Dairy machines and System Market)

Garden Machinery Market have been covered 4 viewpoints

1. Lawn Mowers Market
2. Chainsaws Market
3. Rototillers or Rotovators Market
4. Forestry Equipment Market

All the Company Analysis have covered 3 Viewpoints

  • Overview
  • Recent Developments
  • Revenue Analysis

By Company Analysis - have been covered 5 viewpoints

1. John Deere
4. First Tractor Company Limited
5. Kubota Corporation