The global TCP market size was USD 34.4 billion in 2021 and is projected to reach USD 80.1 billion by 2026, at a CAGR of 18.4% between 2021 and 2026. Temperature-controlled packaging solution is a crucial part of the cold chain industry, involved in maintaining the desired temperature range for a predefined time for temperature-sensitive products. Pharma and Biopharma are end-use industries for Temperature-controlled packaging solutions. The products from these industries are temperature sensitive and are prone to temperature excursion during storage & shipment, degrading the efficacy of these products. There are two types of packaging systems for shipment of temperature-sensitive products: active system and passive system. The preference of the packaging system primarily depends on the type of product and cost incurred during shipment. Technology innovation and development in the packaging industry have led to the development of highly advance temperature-controlled packaging products. The market is projected to grow steadily due to the growing demand for these packaging solutions in various end-use industries.

“Active Systems is projected to be largest segment by type in TCP market”
Active systems are the largest type segment for TCP Market. Active containers have active temperature control, that means it maintains specific temperature range with minimum deviation. The systems are available in three types: - heat & cool using dry ice; cool only; and heat & cool using compressors. Active systems are suitable for the shipment of large volumes payload with substantial transit time, such as international shipments. North America is the significant market for active systems. The temperature accuracy provided by the active system is highest compared to the passive system. The active system provides a stable temperature for long-distance shipment. The system can efficiently manage the delay caused in the supply chain. There is less possibility of temperature excursion with the availability of a power source.

“Single use is projected to be largest segment by usability in TCP market during forecast region.”
Singe use is the largest usability segment for TCP market. They are basic containers that are suitable for one shipment. These containers are a lightweight and a cheaper option compared to reusable packaging systems. The packaging system tends to generate packaging waste with the disposal of containers. The single-use container market is driven by its ease of use, which provides open-ended distribution, and there is no requirement for shipping containers back to their origin. These containers are a suitable option for remote locations where reverse logistics is not feasible. The growing demand for pharmaceutical or biopharma products (Vaccines, cell and gene therapy, and clinical trials) is expected to drive the market for single-use packaging systems in the forecast period.

“Pharma is the largest segment by end-use industry in TCP market during forecast region.”
Pharma industries include products that are derived from synthetic or chemical processes (artificial sources). Its products include medicines and other drugs. Pharmaceuticals are susceptible to be damaged due to temperature deviation, humidity, and other reasons. Therefore, the products are transported in temperature-controlled packaging solutions across the globe. The growing demand for pharmaceutical products expects to drive the market for temperature-controlled packaging solutions during the forecast period. The recent trends in temperature-controlled packaging solutions for pharmaceutical products include the use of data loggers, temperature sensors, and other software platforms to improve visibility across the cold chain and the utilization of advanced insulation materials and refrigerants in packaging material for longer transit times.

“By revenue type, Products account for largest share of TCP market”
The product in the temperature-controlled packaging market includes packaging systems (shippers/containers) and refrigerants. These packaging systems are available in various sizes and temperature ranges. These temperature-controlled packaging are suitable for the shipment of products in the healthcare & life science industry and other industries. With the development of new drugs & vaccines, the requirement for safe and secure distribution has increased. The focus is on developing packaging systems that are suitable for long transit time and at the same time show minimum temperature deviation. In the COVID scenario, the demand for vaccines, drugs, and cell & gene therapy has increased. The distributions of these products require temperature-controlled packaging products.

“Insulated Shippers accounts for largest share in TCP market by products”
Insulated shippers are also known as parcel shipping systems. These are suitable for carrying a temperature-sensitive payload of volume ranging from 4 liters to 100 liters. These shippers are ideal for pharmaceuticals and clinical trial shipments. Insulated shippers include both single-use and reuse packaging systems. To provide temperature protection for highly temperature-sensitive shipment, insulated shippers utilize advanced vacuum-insulated materials and phase change materials. These are lightweight and economical options appropriate for the shipment of domestic, international, and last-mile delivery.

Extensive primary interviews were conducted to determine and verify the market size for several segments and sub segments and information gathered through secondary research.

The break-up of primary interviews is given below:

  • By Company Type - Tier 1 – 25%, Tier 2 – 42%, and Tier 3 – 33%
  • By Designation – C level – 20%, Director level – 30%, and Others* – 50%
  • By Region – North America– 40%, Europe – 10%, APAC – 20%, South America– 10%, and Middle East & Africa- 20%

Notes: Others include sales, marketing, and product managers.
Tier 1: >USD 1 Billion; Tier 2: USD 500 million–1 Billion; and Tier 3:
The companies profiled in this market research report include are Sonoco Products Company (US), Cold Chain Technologies, LLC (US), Va-Q-Tec AG (Germany), Pelican BioThermal LLC (US), Softbox Systems (UK), Sofrigam SA (France), DGP Intelsius GMBH (UK), Inmark, LLC (US), Envirotainer AB (Sweden), Fedex Corporation (US), United Parcel Service, Inc. (US), Deutsche Post AG (DHL) (Germany), Cardinal Health, Inc. (US), McKesson Corporation (US), Amerisourcebergen Corporation (US) and Others.

Research Coverage:
This research report categorizes the TCP market on the basis of type, usability, end-use industry, revenue type, products and region. The report includes detailed information regarding the major factors influencing the growth of the TCP market, such as drivers, restraints, challenges, and opportunities. A detailed analysis of the key industry players has been done to provide insights into business overviews, products & services, key strategies, expansions, new product developments, agreements, and recent developments associated with the market.

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