Due to many factors, chipsets designed for 5G systems have unique factors including the need for optimal energy efficiency. The network effect is clearly evident as the impact of increasingly interconnected IoT systems will cause an acceleration in overall demand for chipsets due to the interdependency of platforms, equipment, and devices.

Chipset technology is evolving with many vendors aggressively working towards improving data processing capability as well as energy efficiency and other key factors. In particular, AI chipset-enabled networks of devices and systems will drive substantial change in industrial and workplace environments.

It is predicted that nearly 72% of the enterprises will be deploying AI solutions within the enterprise physical facility or application system by 2025. Chipsets will track user location, choice and preference, surrounding environment, machine behavior, and many other data patterns to generate actionable insights and tailored recommendations for each customer.

Many important functions, such as connect, collect, and compute, will be powered by the performance of AI chipsets. AI chipsets provide the ability of learning from both users and the environment without the need to utilize explicitly programmed algorithms. AI chipsets are able to detect hidden patterns in new data and perform actions with customized approaches based on specific situations. AI chipsets will allow devices and systems to better understand the surrounding environment and user preferences to optimally execute specific functions.

Chipset usage was up substantially during the first quarter of 2021. The industry as a whole is still struggling to rebuild supply in the wake of COVID-19 production shut-downs one year ago. A lack of supply could not have happened at a worse time as 5G is deploying worldwide, especially in the developed nations. However, we see several key companies ramping up production capabilities to meet market needs.

This report evaluates the chipset market with an emphasis on the outlook for 5G chipsets. The report analyzes leading chipset vendors, strategies, and offerings. It also provides forecasts for the 5G chipset market by type, chipset size, frequency, technology integration and use cases from 2021 to 2028.