This 67-page report provides a complete up to date analysis of the third-party Data Centre market in India.

India has the availability of water and  fibre connectivity including the connection via international sub marine cables – well over ten. New Data Centre expansion being focused on the largest cities including Mumbai and Navi Mumbai.     


The large cloud computing providers (AWS, Microsoft Cloud & Google Cloud Platform) all now have a local cloud presence in India, with facilities being introduced to cater for data sovereignty concerns. Government legislation is likely to stop personal data being stored outside of India in the future and is already preventing personal payment data from being sent outside the country.


The Indian Government has established a National e-Governance Plan (NeGP) and a GI Cloud Initiative to set up a cloud enabled Data Centre, National Data Centres and infrastructure as a State Area Wide Network (SWAN).


The vast majority of Indian Data Centre facilities have been developed as third-party sites, but there has been some investment by Amazon (AWS) in dedicated Hyperscale Data Centre facilities. Other Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) rent capacity from third-party Hyperscale Data Centre facilities. Most investment is being ploughed into third-party Data Centre facilities suitable for Hyperscale user needs, with larger campus facilities under development by Indian Data Centre Providers – a new trend is the partnerships being formed between Indian Data Centre Providers and foreign investors.


India has become one of the fastest growing Data Centre & Cloud markets in the world, and the report looks at the Data Centre & Cloud landscape in India, with a forecast for the 4 years from the beginning of 2021 to the beginning of 2025 – including:


  • Indian Data Centre raised floor space (in m2)

  • Indian Data Centre Customer Power (DCCP in MW)

  • Indian Data Centre capex investment (in millions of USD)

  • Indian Data Centre revenues (in millions of USD)

  • Indian Public Cloud revenues (in millions of USD)