How Adoption of Artificial Intelligence Impacting Pharmaceutical Industry?
The global pharmaceuticals industry is in the throes of transition, both clinical trials and regulatory approvals have been challenged by the proliferation of specialized drugs catering to smaller patient groups. In order to boost results in drug discovery, clinical trials, and research and development, the pharmaceutical and life sciences companies are switching to robotic process control, artificial intelligence and machine learning. All these factors are anticipated to propel demand for artificial intelligence in pharmaceutical across the globe.

Artificial Intelligence Anticipated to Revolutionize Several Aspects of Pharmaceutical Industry
The way drugs are made, prescribed and ingested today will be standardized by artificial intelligence. Many facets of the pharmaceuticals and life sciences industry will also be revolutionized but will not heal sickness or replace physicians. Understanding the main aim of artificial intelligence, which is to improve human capability and accomplishment instead of challenging it, would dispel much of the technology’s concerns and put out its excellent ability to serve humanity.

Which Factors are Fueling AI in Pharmaceuticals Industry Growth?

  • Growing Complexity of Modern Pharmacology
  • Growing Demand for Viable Therapeutic Candidates
  • Improves Overall R&D Productivity
  • Concerns Associated with Rising Capital Requirements in Drug Discovery
  • Increasing Awareness Related to Artificial Intelligence Among Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

Which Factors are Restraining Growth?

  • Lack of Skilled Professionals
  • Limited Availability of Datasets

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