The beta-glucan market is estimated at USD 403.8 million in 2020 and is projected to grow at a CAGR of 7.6%, to reach USD 628.3 million by 2026. The ongoing health and wellness trend is spreading across the world, with the growing consumer awareness regarding dietary deficiency and the health benefits of consuming fiber. Nowadays, consumers are becoming more conscious of food & beverage products that contain added fiber, which will help them meet their nutrition goals. Various health research activities have shown that diets higher in fiber are associated with healthy cholesterol levels and reduced risk of heart disease & diabetes. These factors have helped in the growth of beta-glucan market.

“Grains and cereal is estimated to account for the largest share in 2020 for beta-glucan based on the source segment”
Grains & cereal, and yeast are the major sources of beta-glucan compared to seaweed and mushroom due to the ability of beta-glucan to successfully activate and boost the immune system. Oat and barley foods have been shown to reduce the risk of glucose intolerance by slowing glucose absorption after a meal. At the same time, mushroom beta-glucans differ structurally and don’t affect glucose absorption. Accordingly, different sources have different impacts and advantages on human and animal health post-consumption, which has significantly contributed to the growing use of grains and cereals as one of the key sources for the beta-glucan market.

“The soluble category of the beta-glucan will hold the largest share in the beta glucan market along with growing at one of the fastest rate”
Soluble beta-glucans are widely consumed by humans owing to the easy application and various other benefits. Beta-glucans obtained from bacteria, fungi, and yeast are generally insoluble, while those obtained from cereals are soluble. Soluble fiber helps maintain blood sugar constant, while insoluble fiber is vital for balanced digestion. Soluble beta-glucan has multiple health benefits and the solubility factor has been a key area which has driven the growth and demand. Soluble beta-glucan fibers can be found in good amounts in oats, which again is a key source of good cholesterol and a healthy ingredient. It prevents getting reabsorbed into the bloodstream, thereby lowering the risk of heart disease. The soluble dietary fibers segment which include the likes of beta-glucan also reduces the total plasma cholesterol further lowering the glycemic index of food and helps in better digestion making it a key ingredient for healthier food categories.

“Europe is expected to hold a significant share in the beta-glucan market globally”
The European beta-glucan market is attributed to the health consciousness among consumers. The leading market players in the European nutritional market include Arla Foods (U.K.), Ohly (Germany), Tate & Lyle PLC (U.K.), and Kerry Group plc (Ireland). Consumers in the European region are looking for food products derived from natural sources, such as cereals & grains. This high level of awareness has resulted in the demand for low-calorie and low-fat foods. As high-fat foods are associated with obesity and diabetes, food & beverage companies are innovating to produce various low-fat foods to meet consumer demand, which is helping to boost the market for beta-glucan.

Break-up of Primaries:

  • By Company Type: Tier 1 – 43 %, Tier 2 – 41%, and Tier 3 – 16%
  • By Designation: C Level – 54% and D Level – 46%
  • By Region: Europe – 35%, Asia Pacific– 28%, North America – 22% and RoW* – 15%,

RoW* includes the Middle East, and Africa.

Research Coverage:
The report segments the beta-glucan market on the basis of growing system, facility type, component, crop type, and region. In terms of insights, this report has focused on various levels of analyses?competitive landscape, end-use analysis, and company profiles?which together comprise and discuss views on the emerging & high-growth segments of the global beta-glucan, high-growth regions, countries, government initiatives, drivers, restraints, opportunities, and challenges.

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