Satellite services provide coverage for business solutions that are often problematic and/or in remote areas such as mining operations, deep-water, and agriculture in third-world countries. Satellite services are also important in certain industries that require continuous network coverage such as oil & gas, transportation systems involving hybrid networks for autonomous vehicles, and other mission-critical services. In addition to providing continuous coverage in areas not practical by terrestrial systems, satellites may also provide continuous service in the event that terrestrial systems have a service outage.

5G is anticipated to be the first generation of cellular communications to leverage satellite communications in a substantial manner. One of the largest beneficiaries will be 5G enabled, IoT based asset tracking, telemetry, and telematics applications. This will be due to the combination of substantially expanded terrestrial scalability and seamless coverage enabled via satellites. Mind Commerce sees industry verticals involving remote operations, poor terrestrial coverage, and international transit deriving great benefits from 5G based satellite services. These benefits will accelerate with wireless systems beyond 5G.

This research assesses the satellite services market for communications and specific solutions by segment (consumer, enterprise, industrial, and government customers) as well as by industry vertical. It includes coverage of Internet access, asset tracking, surveillance, and IoT applications. It provides analysis by satellite type (LEO, MEO, and GEO) as well as by consumer and business services with segmentation by business type.

It also evaluates satellite support for 5G coverage, applications, and services. This includes both public and private 5G networks, industry verticals, and specific implementations such as supplementing coverage for smart cities. It also addresses technology support of 5G satellite services such as artificial intelligence and the use of blockchain. Forecasts include global and regional markets from 2021 to 2026.

This research also provides forecasts for all major solution and application areas as well as by major industry verticals and market segments including consumer, enterprise, industrial, and government segments from 2021 to 2026. It also provides forecasts for satellite components and equipment such as Satellite NOC/Hub, terminal, and communications platforms.

It also evaluates the outlook for 5G equipment, software, and services as well as the market for infrastructure, devices, applications, and services beyond 5G (B5G). This includes an assessment of the technologies, capabilities, and anticipated communications and computing solutions for 6G. This research also analyzes 5G evolution and the impact of anticipated 6G technologies on the ICT ecosystem including infrastructure, business planning, and innovation areas necessary to realize future capabilities and solutions beyond 5G.

Target Audience:
  • Satellite service ecosystem
  • Communication service providers
  • Media and entertainment companies
  • Cloud, data, and IoT infrastructure providers
  • Enterprise data and network service providers