The cloud-based “as a Service” model is spreading to virtually every use case, application, and solution in nearly every industry. Drones is no exception as Mind Commerce sees Drones-as-a-Service picking up substantial momentum as an outsourced option for improving the operational efficiency of many industries. For example, package delivery is anticipated to be a key market, especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

This report provides analysis for the Drones-as-a-Service market including applications and services targeted to different use cases. The report evaluates solutions for leading industry verticals. Solution areas evaluated include surveillance and monitoring, surveying and mapping, maintenance and inspection, filming and photography, package delivery, and scientific research. The report includes forecasts by solution and industry verticals from 2021 through 2026.

Select Research Findings:
  • Drones as a service for scientific research solutions will reach $8.1 billion by 2026
  • High potential industry verticals include construction, insurance, aerospace and real estate
  • Surveillance and mapping remain largest opportunities with maintenance and inspection rapidly gaining ground as high ROI solutions
  • Developing countries are fastest growing for many solutions due largely to substantial cost avoidance for expensive professional services
A drone (or unmanned aircraft) represents any aircraft that flies without the need for direct human intervention. Drones are available in different sizes and shapes and are developed to gather data primarily to meet a multitude of various tasks and applications. The absence of an onboard pilot means drones exist in a variety of sizes, from micro-drones held in the hand to large drones and airships that will ultimately rival the size and power of traditional piloted craft.

Drones range in size from a small drone that fits in the palm of one’s hand to platforms that rival manned drones in wingspan, weight and power. Drones also vary significantly in design, including rotary-wing flight systems, such as quadcopters, fixed-wing drones, and lighter-than-air vessels such as tethered aerial devices. Drones require sophisticated software to adapt the data link between the drone and operator as well as streamline sharing of drone-gathered data with other stakeholders.

Target Audience:
  • UAV manufacturers
  • Drone services companies
  • Telecommunications companies
  • Electronics component providers
  • Internet of Things (IoT) companies
  • Retail and wholesale service providers
  • Venture capitalists, consultants, and related
  • Commercial, military, and government organizations