The Sensing and Optoelectronics Vertical of M14 Intelligence continuously tracks and analyzes trends, suppliers, developments, market shipment, pricing trends, and market size of different component level and sub-component level of sensing systems used across 6 industries – smartphones (consumer), ADAS and Autonomous Driving, UAV, Industrial, Aerospace & Defense, and Medical.

This report on In-cabin 3D Sensing Technology and Market Analysis is an outcome of our unparallel research database on automotive 3D sensing industry and ~800 interviews in last 2 years with leading brands in the automotive industry.
The report answers to majority of stakeholders in the in-cabin 3D sensing ecosystem:

  • OEMs
  • Robotic Vehicle Manufacturers
  • Tier 1s
  • Autonomous Driving Solutions Providers
  • In-cabin monitoring solutions companies
  • Driver monitoring camera companies
  • IR camera suppliers
  • IRIS recognition solutions providers
  • VCSEL suppliers
  • 3D software and computing solutions providers, among others.

The report focuses on 5 major aspects of the market:

  1. Customers Analysis (OEMs/Tier1s/Autonomous Driving New Entrants) – Requirements, Autonomy Capabilities for Level 3 and above, Maturity of Autonomous Driving, Ambitions for Level 3 and above systems, R&D spend (current and planned) for ADAS and AD, Focus on Autonomy (Highway Driving and Urban Driving), and Systems Developed for In-cabin Monitoring and Gesture Recognition
  2. Suppliers Assessment (In-cabin 3D camera companies, 3D face recognition companies, IRIS recognition companies, Passengers/Occupant recognition companies, Gesture Recognition Companies) – Market Presence, Partnerships & Collaborations, Solutions Provided, and Future Plans
  3. Development Strategies Adopted by Leading Players to gain Market Share
  4. Market Size Estimation and Forecast – Shipment, Revenue, and Pricing Trends
  5. Sub-component level analysis of in-cabin 3D sensing system (price breakdown, shipment, market size, and supplier mapping with OEMs/Tier1s/Technology Providers) – 3D camera module, NIR sensor, VCSEL illumination, software & computing, 3D system design, and optical elements

The report analyzes the market penetration of in-cabin 3D sensing system for level 2 cars and expected market penetration for level 3 and above vehicles. The report also analyzes all the different methods for analyzing the driver behavior and gesture recognition for infotainment system – structured light technique and TOF technique.

With this research, we aim to bring a fact-based evaluation of the 3D sensing in in-cabin system and help you create your next go-to market strategy to position yourself as a key player in this swiftly evolving landscape.

This study In-cabin 3D Sensing Technology includes:

  • Market penetration of ADAS and autonomous driving technology by levels of automation in passenger and commercial vehicles industry
  • Market penetration of in-cabin 3D sensing camera technologies for driver monitoring, gesture recognition, occupant monitoring, iris recognition, and face recognition across level 2 and above OEM vehicles by brands, models, and trim levels
  • 70+ OEMs and new autonomous vehicles companies analyzed which are actively integrating in-cabin 3D sensing sensors in their vehicle models
  • 3D sensing system design, software, and computing solutions providers and their customers analyzed
  • 3D sensing camera sub-component level analysis?CMOS image sensors, VCSEL, and optics suppliers analyzed
  • Shipments, market size, and pricing analysis of in-cabin 3D camera sensors along with the sub-component market analysis is exhaustively covered in this research study
  • Supply chain mapping?who is supplying to whom is covered in this report by OEM models
  • Detailed analysis on the strategic developments witnessed in recent couple of years are analyzed in this research study
  • Market share analysis of CMOS image sensor players, VCSEL players, 3D system, software, and computing players, and Tier 1 suppliers is covered in this report

Below is the list of section covered:

ADAS and Autonomous Vehicles Demand Analysis

  • Historic quarterly and yearly ADAS and AV sales analysis
  • Estimation and forecast of ADAS & AV sales till 2030
  • ADAS & AV market by level of automation
  • Penetration of AI and machine learning

In-cabin 3D Sensing Camera Technologies

  • Structured Light
  • Time-of-Flight (TOF)
  • Active Stereo Vision (ASV)

In-cabin 3D Sensing Market Penetration, Sales, Market Size Forecast

  • 3D sensing cameras market penetration rate, market revenue ($ million), shipment (million units), and ASP ($), breakdown by – Technology type – Structured light and TOF
  • DMS, Gesture recognition, occupancy monitoring, biometric recognition

In-cabin 3D Sensing Component Level Market Analysis

  • 3D Sensing component level market analysis and breakdown by type of technology –
  • 3D sensing camera module
  • NIR and RGB sensor
  • Illumination
  • 3D system design
  • Optical Path

Future Trends Mapping

  • Future technological innovations in the automotive 3D sensing
  • TOF vs Structured Light
  • VCSEL vs EEL – Increasing penetration of VCSEL
  • Wafer level Optics for illumination

Competition Assessment

  • Competition between OEMs for in-cabin 3D sensing features
  • Competition between 3D camera module companies to serve OEMs
  • Competition between illumination players (VCSEL and EEL)
  • Competition between sensor suppliers
  • Competition between 3D system design players

Inorganic Development Strategies
Partnership mapping – OEMs, 3D camera module suppliers, sensor suppliers, illumination source suppliers, optical elements suppliers, 3D system design players, software and 3D computing players
M&As, Collaborations, Agreements, Funding, and Investments