This report provides a foundation for understanding the state of the market for mobile applications, leading players and strategies, ecosystem dynamics, and the future direction and opportunities for development on mobile platforms.

This report evaluates the ecosystem, looking into who will be the big players in the future and answering key questions such as: 
  • ·What are the proverbial killer applications now and in the future? 
  • How will mobile apps continue to change our lives? 
  • What platforms are strongest for development of mobile apps? 
  • How is developing for mobile platforms different from other application development? 
  • How will wearable devices apps play in the coming years?
  • How will 5G impact the marketplace?

The evolution of wireless communications, driven largely by the mobile cellular industry, has made society more productive on an anywhere, anytime basis. This has led to ubiquitous wireless devices: smartphones, tablets and wearable technology. The introduction and usage of mobile applications across mobile devices has significantly transformed end-user expectations about digital communications, applications, content and commerce.

Target Audience:
  • OTT service providers
  • Application developers
  • Mobile device manufacturers
  • Communications service providers