This report provides an analysis of select global MVNO market players by region and country including MVNO type, the hosting network, the services, and the business model. It also provides an assessment of MVNO supporting technologies, MVNO types, and business models. The report also analyzes the keys to success by MVNO type and strategy.

Successful MVNOs are those that position their operations so that customers do not distinguish any significant differences in service or network performance yet offer some special affinity to their customers. MVNO types evaluated in this report include Discount MVNOs, Lifestyle/Niche MVNOs, Media/Entertainment MVNOs, Ethnic MVNOs, Business MVNOs, Brand MVNOs, and Data MVNOs

An MVNO is a wireless service provider that delivers mobile service to customers without actually owning network infrastructure. An MVNO makes business arrangements with the mobile network operator (infrastructure owner) and gains access to network services, which the MVNO then leverages to provide services to end-users.

A full MVNO is responsible for the complete infrastructure, operations, customers, and data, and full control of services and products it delivers to the market, as well as flexibility in developing and deploying new services. The MNO supplies the network access. A full MVNO operates similar to an MNO, but without the MNO spectrum.

A service provider MVNO will either work under its brand or co-branded with the host operator (by adding ‘Powered by’ to the brand). In best cases, the MVNO provides a concept, brand, distribution channels or a large current client base to the table to be used to make sales, or differentiate from the competition.

Enhanced Service Provider MVNO works under its own brand with its own SIM cards and can get its own numbering range/mobile network code, although not fully independent from the host operator's numbering plan. The MVNO can add its own value-added services, to leverage sales, or differentiate from the competition.

A Branded Reseller MVNO will either work under its own brand or co-branded with the MNO. In most cases, the branded reseller has a brand, distribution channels and/or a large existing client base to the table, from which it can enhance its sales. It is often the easiest MVNO type for an MNO to accept as the carrier can control most of the processes.

Target Audience:
  • MVNO start-ups
  • MVNE/MVNO service providers
  • Investors and analysts in the mobile space
  • Suppliers of MVNO equipment and software
  • Consultants and systems integration companies