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Online food delivery is the process of ordering food through a website or mobile applications. These applications and web pages offer filters and wide range of paying methods, like net banking, prepaid cards and cash on delivery. In the United States online food delivery system is very popular, as it is associated with convenience. According to Renub Research report, United States Online Food Delivery Market will be worth USD 34.2 Billion by the end of the year 2026.

How Online Food Ordering is better than Phone Ordering?

An online food delivery portal helps the client to correctly scan through different variety of menus and the price list of various restaurants. Moreover, online food delivery applications involve least human interaction, which results in fewer miscommunication and misunderstandings regarding the order placed in that way eliminating the chances of human fault.

Furthermore, currently, there are various technological innovations in online food delivery service. Providers are experimenting with innovative ideas for the food delivery methods, by using self-driving cars, robots and drones; thus, optimistically influencing the market growth.

By Cities, New York City is leading the online food delivery market. Restaurant to consumer delivery is dominating during forecast year along with Platform to Consumer delivery. The factor which is driving force to this market is high living standards of individuals, Hectic working schedules and inflating income levels.

Renub Research report titled: “United States Online Food Delivery Market: (Market, Volume, and Penetration Rate), By Business Model (Platform-to-consumer delivery & Restaurant-to-consumer delivery) Cities: (Houston, Dallas-Fort Worth, Washington DC, Atlanta, Chicago, Philadelphia, Boston, Miami New York City and Others) Company (Grubhub, Dominos, Uber Eats, Doordash and Postmates)” This report provides an all-encompassing analysis of the key growth drivers and restraining factors, demand, and their projections for Online Food Delivery Market in United States in the upcoming years.

This Report covers Online Food Delivery Market and Penetration Rate with 2 Business Model

  • Platform to Consumer Delivery
  • Restaurant to Consumer Delivery

Top Cities – Market breakup by Top 9 Cities

1. Houston
2. Dallas-Fort Worth
3. Washington DC
4. Atlanta
5. Chicago
6. Philadelphia
7. Boston
8. Miami
9. New York City
10. Others

All the Key players have been covered from 3 Viewpoints

  • Overview
  • Recent Developments
  • Revenue Analysis

Key Players Insights

1. Grubhub
2. Dominos
3. Uber Eats
4. Doordash
5. Postmates