This report evaluates the e-learning marketplace including the companies, strategies, technologies, solutions, and applications for distance learning. The report provides analysis and forecasts for e-learning by technology, infrastructure, solutions, and services from 2020 to 2025. The report also provides quantitative analysis globally and regionally for the e-learning marketplace.

A dominant trend for the last two decades, the e-learning market is anticipated to experience step-function type growth as a result of the COVID19 pandemic due to the need for virtually every type of learner from pre-K through higher learning. While some vocational and college programs have adopted remote learning long before the pandemic, many have been forced to implement solutions in a compressed period of time.

Longer term, many institutions will revisit initial decisions, seeking more permanent e-learning market solutions. In the post-pandemic world, Mind Commerce sees some organizations requiring remote learning as a primary delivery system whereas others will seek robust solutions as a back-up should the need arise once again in the future.

Target Audience:
  • Enterprise L&D organizations
  • Distance and eLearning providers
  • Remote training and simulations providers
  • Academic and instructional institutions of all types