Molecular diagnostics plays an important role in the identification of diseases and has gained more public & healthcare specialist attention than ever before. The molecular diagnostics is a technique used for the molecular biological detection of any change in the structure or expression of a patient’s genetic material. According to Renub Research, China Molecular Diagnostics Market is expected to be US$ 6.3 Billion by 2026.

In recent years, Molecular diagnostics has changed the face of clinical laboratories by offering easy to use automated molecular systems that provide rapid results with less hands-on time. However, huddles for China diagnostic companies are Lack of Government Support, Public Awareness for Molecular Diagnostics test.

COVID-19 effect on Molecular Diagnostics Industry

Besides, COVID-19 has worked as a catalyst for molecular diagnostics industry in China. In order to spread the disease government of China is doing massive number of COVID test. The types of tests which are done to indentify the coronavirus disease are RT-PCR, and rapid anti-body tests also known as serological tests. RT-PCR is considered the ’gold standard’ frontline test. In this test testing is done by taking a nasal/throat swab from a patient. This test involves extracting ribonucleic acid or RNA, which is the genetic material of the virus. This is a fairly expensive test it requires RNA extracting machines, a laboratory and trained technicians. On the other hand rapid anti-body tests are portable, administered on-site, provide quick answers and are inexpensive too.

China molecular diagnostics market is segmented into three main categories: Oncology Test, Infectious Disease Test and Genetic Disease Test. Further, Oncology Test has been segmented into three types: Prostate Cancer, Colorectal Cancer and Breast Cancer. Infectious Disease Test has been further categorized into two main types, which is virology and HPV. Genetic Test has been categorized into HLA and Blood Screening. Blood screening test is a dominating segment in the China molecular genetic testing market. According to Renub Research analysis nearly 441 million molecular diagnostic tests will be performed in China by the end of 2026 of which Virology accounts for one of the most performed tests segments.

DICON Clinical Laboratories, Zhejiang Di’an Diagnostics Technology Co., Ltd, Kindstar Global, BGI-Shenzhen, A, Guangzhou Kingmed Diagnostics Center Co. Ltd and OriGene Technologies holds majority of market share in China. However, restriction on export is expected to have minimal impact on the manufacturers as the demand is very high in China which is creating a robust revenue pool for manufacturers dealing in the molecular diagnostics sector.

Renub Research report titled “China Molecular Diagnostics Market, Volume, by Application [Oncology Testing (Breast Cancer, Colorectal Cancer, Prostate Cancer), Infectious Disease Testing (Virology, HPV), and Genetic Disease Testing (Blood Screening, HLA)]” provides a complete analysis of China Molecular Diagnostics Market.

By Application

The report studies the market and volume of the following segments in Molecular Diagnostics: Infectious Disease Testing (Virology, HPV), Oncology Testing (Breast Cancer, Colorectal Cancer, Prostate Cancer), and Genetic Disease Testing (Blood Screening, HLA).

Segment Covered in this report are as follows:

Oncology Testing Market and Volume

  • Breast Cancer
  • Colorectal Cancer
  • Prostate Cancer

Infectious Disease Testing Market and Volume

  • Virology
  • HPV

Genetic Testing Market and Volume

  • Blood Screening
  • HLA

Profiles of Private Clinical Labs and Diagnostic Services Companies in China

  • Zhejiang Di’an Diagnostics Technology Co., Ltd
  • ADICON Clinical Laboratories
  • Guangzhou Kingmed Diagnostics Center Co. Ltd.
  • Kindstar Global (Privately held)
  • BGI-Shenzhen (Privately held)
  • OriGene Technologies (Privately held)