Clinical documentation using the electronic medical record (EMR) is the base for performing coding. Coding is predominantly done through manual work performed by a combination of coding/data management teams enabled by EMR, with few hospitals investing in specialized computer assisted coding (CAC) solutions. Majority of the hospitals are aware of the advantages of CAC solutions and are planning to migrate to a system that improves the accuracy of coding.

Most hospitals are keen to have CAC solutions that can be integrated with EMR. Documentation guidance at the point of care will reduce the burden on collaborating with physicians for clarifications. The post-COVID era is expected to usher in changes on how clinicians document and how hospitals code data for improving clinical and financial outcomes.

This research study evaluates the current coding practices in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, The Netherlands, Turkey, France, Germany, and Belgium, and identifies the role of CAC software. The study also discusses the growth opportunities for CAC in these selected countries and covers the competitive landscape in detail.