Product innovation, customization and adoption of multi-functional products are driving the mature Western European above-the-neck. With nearly 95% of PPEs being sold through distributors, customer service is a key contributor to the growth of the above-the-neck PPE market in the region.
  • Amongst countries, Germany, the United Kingdom & Ireland, and France account for nearly a 56.5% share of the total market, with revenue contributions of €141.8 million, €124.3 million, and €106.5% million, respectively, in 2019.
  • The top 3 manufacturers hold a 48.5% market share by revenue. 3M leads the market with a share of 21-23%, followed by Honeywell with a 14-17% share and Uvex with and 9-11% revenue share. Investments into R&D to develop innovative products, coupled with strategic acquisitions, remain a key driver for market growth in the forecast period.
  • Partnerships are the way forward in the competitive market. For example, Schuberth entered into a partnership with 3M in 2016 to develop head protection PPE. Similarly, Hex Armour entered into partnership with Uvex in 2017.
  • Few notable M&As include 3M’s acquisition of Scott Safety in 2017, and Globus Group’s acquisition of ENHA Gmbh in 2017 and Alpha Solway in 2015. Similarly, with the aim to focus on its core businesses Kimberly Clark sold its welding PPE business to Surewerk in 2017 while 3M sold off its prescription eyewear business to Hoya Vision Care in 2017.