To spur market demand for 5G, the supply side needs to increase awareness and understanding of its impact in the industry ecosystem. The need for 5G is closely linked to the understanding of its impact. The inability to identify need is affecting the timeline and the drive to push for 5G, and incorporation of 5G into new concept development.

The industry is still struggling with understanding end-user needs, partner fit, and the go-to-market plan. Telecoms and large companies are leading the incorporation of 5G into industry, but collectively the end users are trailing. There is a supply and demand gap and the reason is clear: there is simply not enough to cause an immediate shift from “as is” without the innovative ideas that can unlock the potential of 5G and lead to successful commercial 5G deployments.

It is important to note that despite levels of need and understanding not being as high as the report anticipated, the level of intent to implement 5G is undoubtedly high. To drive adoption of and scale 5G, new ways of thinking and working with partners to come up with end-to-end services are needed. The industry needs to shift from what it can do to what is needed. Government intervention with the inclusion of 5G in policies and public sector projects is also essential.

This study covers the Asia-Pacific market, focusing on developing countries including China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam, and developed countries including Australia, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, and South Korea.
The target audience for this report includes telecommunications, media & entertainment, manufacturing, financial services, healthcare, government & public sector, and transportation & logistics professionals who want to understand how to strategically plan to incorporate 5G.

Key Issues Addressed

  • What is the level of understanding of the full impact of 5G on the industry ecosystem? Is there a clear need for 5G in the industry ecosystem?
  • What is the level of intent to embrace 5G technology? What challenges exist in planning for the incorporation of 5G into an industry ecosystem?
  • What is the level of lack of intent to embrace 5G technology? What are the reasons for the lack of intent?
  • What are some of the best practice considerations for 5G deployments?
  • What can governmental and regulatory bodies, the telecoms vertical, and end-user companies do to drive adoption of 5G? What are some of the considerations that can help to scale 5G?