India Dry Ice market is projected to reach the valuation of USD 8.7 Million by 2026 with a CAGR of 10.32%.

Dry ice is a type of ice used as a refrigerant to possess things cold in medical, food industries and produce clouds of smoke in stage shows in the entertainment industry. It is a form of solid carbon dioxide that does not leave any reminder. It is called as dry ice because of the procedure of redirection, at point where it altered directly into a gas instead of melting into liquid. Dry ice is non-combustible and non-toxic as likened to other forms of refrigerants. Its usage in the industrial sector include for preserving frozen foods where mechanical chilling is difficult. In industrial dusting, dry ice cleans pollutants like ink, dirt, mold release agents, paint, oil, and glue with the dry ice attacking method. This technique is cost-efficient way for industries to hone excellence and production competence. Dry ice also used in restoration of buildings in case of fire accidents.

The market is predicted to be profitable for dry ice suppliers owing to growing request for dry ice cubes and dry ice pellets in grocery stores and the healthcare industry. Dry ice is also used to transport biological samples such as organs, body parts, and blood. Market players are witnessing a development chances in the entertainment industry where dry ice is used to form smoke clouds during recitals and other events.

Dry Ice Block Segment is playing major role to drive the Dry Ice Market
Blocks segment to cater majority of the market share through the prediction period: The request for dry ice blocks is growing in the food & beverage and storage & transportation applications as they are suitable to use in large-scale applications and can reserve a product for long periods.


Technology advancement

Technology advancement is supporting the better manufacturing technique of dry ice as compared to traditional approach. The key players in the market are adopting novel technologies to improve dry ice production. The invention of frozen food that is made likely with the use of dry ice is a recent trend in the industry. The healthcare industry and grocery stores will gain advantage from dry ice market.

Increase in demand for frozen foods
The surge in demand for dry ice as a refrigerant in the food as well as the transport industry is a crucial market motivator of dry ice. The surge in request for frozen foods and non-toxic and non-combustible nature of dry ice is predictable to accelerate the market growth. The augmented use of dry ice in the manufacturing sector for blast cleaning will fuel the market growth.

Dry ice is a safer alternative to other chemicals, and cleaning solvents are motivating the demand for industry use. The multipurpose nature of dry ice is another major factor boosting the growth of the India dry ice market.

South Region of India is expected to witness significant growth in the market during the forecast period
The Dry Ice market is fragmented based on geography into North, East, West, and South. The South region dominated the consumption ratio of frozen products due to rise in awareness and increased adoption of dry ice for various purposes in the area.

India Dry Ice Market: Competitive Landscape
Companies such as Linde Industrial Gases, Air Water Carbonic, Praxair, Messer Group, Polar Ice, Continental Carbonic, Mastro Ice, Air Liquide, Yara, Tripti Dry Ice, and US Ice Carvers. Other notable players in the global market are Sicgil India, Cee Kay Supply, Punjab Carbonic, and TFK Corporation.