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Key Findings
The global 4D printing market is set to project a CAGR of 25.86% during the forecast period, 2019-2028. The major factors pushing the growth of the market are the surging demand for Industry 4.0, the emerging Industry 5.0, simple testing techniques, decreased cost of manufacturing & processing, etc.

Market Insights
4D printing is a level-up to the 3D printing process, with time as the added dimension. In basic terms, a 3D-printed object would now able to reform in terms of shape in response to pressure, heat, and water. Manufacture involves prototyping, product testing, and designing. Industries prepare a prototype, replicating the design of the market. The 4D printing process entails the development of products capable of changing with respect to applied stimuli. This will aid in testing the product, which will further reduce the manufacturing and operation costs. It will result in companies testing their product under different conditions before it is made available. Manufacturing further entails post-production processes like packaging, batching, and storage. The 4D printed product will be less of hassle with easier pack-up, maintenance, and handling. Thus, 4D printing is projected to revolutionize the manufacturing process. The market growth restraints include the increasing development costs and lack of skilled personnel.

Regional Insights
The global 4D printing market is geographically scrutinized on the basis of the assessment of Europe, Asia Pacific, Europe, and the rest of the world. North America dominated the global market in 2019, with respect to revenue share. The region benefits from a vast level of awareness in advanced technologies, along with companies prioritizing the transition from 3D to 4D printing.

Competitive Insights
The emerging market is attracting new and regional players as a result of rising penetration of the 4D printing technology. EnvisionTEC Inc, Autodesk Inc, Stratasys Ltd, CT Core Technologie Group, Hewlett Packard Inc, etc. are some of the eminent companies in the market.
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