About the Report

Compared with other Data Centre markets around the world, Africa is unique in the sense it  has a population of over 1.3 billion people and with a total land mass of 30,365,000 km and has the potential to create huge demand for Data Centres and the digital services provided by Data Centre facilities. To-date only a small portion of the potential demand for African Data Centre space has been met with Africa having a low Data Centre penetration rate compared with other regions. This report covers details of the of the 62 Data Centres with 139 facilities now present in 26 countries out of the total of 53 countries in Africa (See coverage below).

The report forecasts that the African third-party Data Centre market is set to grow rapidly from 2021 onwards although starting from a low installed base. The report also looks at the CSPs (Cloud Service Providers), to-date  AWS and Microsoft have established their services in Africa the number of cloud users in the region is set to grow sharply according to the reports forecasts.