With internet-of-things (IoT) trends setting in, more and more products are integrated with features and applications leveraging rich multimedia features resulting in higher power consumption and reduced battery cycle of these devices.

Display components of smart devices consume majority of the power, thus manufacturers and developers are under constant pressure to develop a next generation innovative display technology to increase the battery life of smart electronic devices and appliances.
Considered as the next-gen of display technology, micro light emitting diode (MicroLED) consumes less than half the power consumed by traditional display solutions while providing extremely high resolution for enhanced viewing experience for consumers.

This technology and innovation report discusses key applications and growth opportunities leveraged by the MicroLEDs in the display industry.
  • What are the key display applications served by MicroLEDs?
  • Which are the emerging technology trends that could bolster demand for MicroLEDs?
  • Who are the stakeholders involved in the MicroLED display industry?
  • What are the drivers and challenges for MicroLED industry?
  • What are the key research areas and R&D trends?
  • Who are the key participants involved in developing MicroLED displays?
  • How will COVID-19 impact the MicroLED industry in the near term?