Advancements in sensor technologies for environmental monitoring, improved navigation, object detection and collision avoidance, image processing algorithms, and machine vision have created opportunities for marine shipping companies to integrate a wide range of solutions for autonomous vessels.

Sensors are expected to be pivotal in development of connected and autonomous ships. Apart from devices communicating with each other, future autonomous ships will interact with the environment around, thereby leading to various forms of business opportunities with the collected data.

The scope of this research service is limited to technologies enabling autonomous ships only to sensors and electronics market. This research service focuses on capturing emerging technologies enabling autonomous ships, industries best practices and use cases. Growth opportunity assessment was done to assess the pathway of sensor technology development, which will lead to making autonomous ships a reality.

Key questions addressed in the research service:
  • What are the various types of sensor technologies enabling autonomous ships?
  • What are the benefits and applications of the technology?
  • What are the key innovations and who are the innovators impacting autonomous ship development?
  • What are the use case scenarios in the autonomous shipping arena?
  • What is the impact of COVID-19 on autonomous ships?
  • What are future growth opportunities?