The chicken industry is one of the most competitive markets, and it is currently in a matured stage globally. Apart from that, the nutritional benefits of chicken meat products are globally known. Many countries across the globe have increased the import and export of chicken meat in recent years, say Japan, Mexico, Saudi Arabia are the leading importers of chicken meat. China is the biggest importer, exporter, producer as well as consumer of all types of meat across the globe. As per our analysis, Global Chicken Market will be a US$ 247 Billion opportunity by 2026.

Besides, by using cell technologies, many companies are developing clean meat in laboratories, which is exempted by the involvement of animal slaughter. Across the globe, numerous companies, as well as manufacturers, have taken initiatives in launching cell-based chicken meat, that itself is giving traction to this market.

COVID-19 affecting the Global Chicken Industry

Pandemic COVID-19 has affected chicken sales in the first few months as the rumours spread that COVID-19 can be caused by eating meat. But according to our research, the chicken market will revive again in the latter part of the year. Read the complete analysis on how coronavirus affects the chicken industry globally.

Factors driving the Chicken Market Globally

In 2018 ASF commonly called “African Swine flu” giving traction to production as well as consumption of the chicken meat, and people are more inclined towards chicken. Other significant factors include the growth of the global chicken market is increasing import and export of poultry meat, development of clean meat.

Besides, consumer awareness regarding animal rich protein has grown substantially over a couple of years. In the developed countries, the consumers are avoiding high intake of protein-rich diet, owing to its high saturated fat content that leads to numerous health hazards. More and more people from developed and developing nations are reaching to chicken meat, and in the upcoming years, we expect to see that the number increases to a great extent globally.

Renub Research report titled “Global Chicken Market, Forecast By Consuming Country (China, European Union, Brazil, Russia, Mexico, India, Japan, Argentina, Thailand, Philippines, United States, Others), Producing Country (China, Brazil, European Union, Russia, India, Mexico, Thailand, Argentina, Turkey, Colombia, United States, Others), Importing Country (Japan, Mexico, China, European Union, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Philippines, Hong Kong), Exporting Country (Brazil, European Union, Thailand, Ukraine, China, Turkey, Belarus, Russia, Argentina, United States), Company Analysis (BRF SA, Cargill Inc., Hormel Foods Corp., JBS SA, Tyson Foods Inc.)". This report provides an all-encompassing analysis of the key growth drivers and restraining factors, demand, and their projections for the upcoming years.

By Consumption – Top 12 Countries Chicken Market & Volume

1. China
2. European Union
3. Brazil
4. Russia
5. Mexico
6. India
7. Japan
8. Argentina
9. Thailand
10. Philippines
11. United States
12. Others

By Production – Top 11 Countries Chicken Volume

1. China
2. Brazil
3. European Union
4. Russia
5. India
6. Mexico
7. Thailand
8. Argentina
9. Turkey
10. Colombia
11. United States
12. Others

By Import – Top 9 Countries Chicken Volume

1. Japan
2. Mexico
3. China
4. European Union
5. United Arab Emirates
6. Saudi Arabia
7. Iraq
8. Philippines
9. Hong Kong

By Export – Top 10 Countries Chicken Volume

1. Brazil
2. European Union
3. Thailand
4. Ukraine
5. China
6. Turkey
7. Belarus
8. Russia
9. Argentina
10. United States

Company Analysis

1. Danish Crown Group
2. Tyson Foods, Inc.
3. Vion Food Group
4. WH Group Limited