Advancements in next-generation mobile network technologies and devices have accelerated the growth of innovative mobile applications, fundamentally changing the way we live, communicate, conduct business, consume content, and interact. Aggressive capital investments in these technologies, including 5G networks, will further expedite market growth. The associated growth in new modes of communication and content consumption patterns will usher in a wide range of innovative opportunities for mobile communications providers.

At the same time, the current market is saturated, and consolidation and pricing pressure are intensifying. As the market matures, the ability to introduce differentiated value-added services to enhance average revenue per user (ARPU), attract customers from competitors, and reduce churn will be critical to long-term success.

While the North American mobile communications market includes hundreds of wireless carriers, service providers, and mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs), we have identified the top 11 participants based on a variety of parameters assessed and benchmarked in this 2020 report. The companies featured in the report are AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, Bell Canada, Rogers Communications, Videotron, TELUS, U.S. Cellular, Shaw Communications, and Tracfone. We have recognized these companies as market leaders based on an evaluation of their growth performance and track record, growth strategy and vision, growth pipeline systems, end-user sales and marketing strategies, product innovation and scalability, and their ability to cater to evolving customer demand.